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Two Medical Law Studentship Positions in Medical Law, Sweden

Medical Law is a comparatively young research subject at Uppsala University, introduced to meet a growing need for research focussed on the role of law in different areas of biomedicine. Medical Law transcends the borders of more traditional legal disciplines and deals with aspects of public law, private law, criminal law, EU law and public international law, as well as the interaction between law and ethics. Within this subject studies may concern legal aspects of rapidly developing scientific areas – such as genetic diagnosis or the use of ICT in healthcare – but also questions related to organisation and responsibilities in healthcare and biomedical research, as well as the status and rights of patients and research subjects. Pharmaceutical law and the regulation of forensic medicine constitute other areas of Medical Law.

An employed doctoral student shall, foremost, be devoted to his or her own postgraduate research. Other duties at the faculty which relate to teaching and administrative work may be included within the scope of the employment (to a maximum of 20%).

Scholarship Application Deadline:23 May, 2011

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