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PhD Student Position in Physics Directed Towards Experimental Activity, Sweden

The department of Physics is located in the Albanova University center and has approximately 170 employees, 250 students at undergraduate level and 80 graduate students. There are four research subjects within the postgraduate program: Physics, Theoretical Physics, Chemical Physics and Medical Radiation Physics. These subjects span over several research groups with different research activities. Application can be done within four time periods during the year, depending on the availability of study grants. For information about the Department of Physics, see

Project description
This position is within one of the research subjects Physics, Chemical Physics or Medical Radiation Physics and is directed towards experimental activity (for information about research and Ph.D. studies at the Department of Physics, Stockholm University, see

To be accepted as a Ph.D. student in Physics one should have studied at least four years at a University and have a B.Sc. in Physics. These studies must include advanced courses in physics during one year and an advanced degree project (a detailed description of one in progress may do). For a position in Chemical physics the requirement on physics courses may partly or fully be fulfilled with courses in chemistry. We seek a candidate with analytical capacity and good skills in English.

Terms of employment
A Ph.D. education is four years (48 months). The 4-year Ph.D. program includes at least 3 years of research and at most one year of course work. The position may be extended up to 1 year if up to 20 % teaching assistance or administration is included in the contract. During the beginning of the Ph.D. education, the student receives a study grant (“utbildningsbidrag”) and towards the end of the education, the student acquires a Ph.D. position (“doktorandanställning”).

Applications should include a letter of intent describing your motivation for applying including which research group or supervisor you prefer, a CV including information on previous education, a copy of the masters thesis (or “examensarbete”), other documents supporting the applicants competence and suitability for the position, and address, phone number and e-mail of two reference persons. The application can be written in English or Swedish. Evaluations will be based on results on University courses, quality of master’s thesis (or “examensarbete”), references, interviews and the letter of intent.

Application Deadline:  September 30, 2010

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