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Doctoral Studentship in Environmental Science, Sweden

This student will be a part of two cooperating research groups. The position is connected to the Atmospheric Aerosol Group, i.e. the activities dealing with airborne particles, in the Division of Nuclear Physics at the Department of Physics. Our research activities on airborne particles deal with effects of atmospheric aerosols in the important environmental issues climate and health. The project will be in close cooperation with the Division of physical geography and ecosystems analysis, which is part of the Department of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences, where biogenic emissions of organic compounds and the analysis of these are studied.

Eligibility/Entry Requirements

Employment as a Doctoral student can only be granted if you have been accepted to the postgraduate student program. Acceptance to the postgraduate student program is based on the estimated ability to perform well in your postgraduate studies. This is also one of the basic criteria for employment. Furthermore you need a valid university degree within a relevant study program. Basic eligibility to education at PhD level requires a university exam at advanced level, with fulfilled course requirements of at least 240 university credits (högskolepoäng), of which at least 60 should be at advanced level. Highest priority is given applicants with a MSc degree in environmental science, physics, meteorology, engineering physics, chemistry, biology, physical geography, or similar.

In the evaluation we will especially look at knowledge and experience in the fields related to the project, the applicant?s ability to work independently, take responsibility and address scientific questions. It is also important that the applicant can communicate well in written and spoken English.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 2011-03-30

Further Scholarship Information and Application

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