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PhD in Selfassembly of Milk Proteins, Denmark

With reference to the project manager, the work of the Ph.D. fellow will consist mainly of duties in connection with research and development within selfassembly of milk proteins (alpha-lactalbumin) into stabilized nanotubes for use as a functional ingredient in the food industry.

The appointee should have qualifications within the following areas:

  • Dairy chemistry and technology
  • Protein chemistry and analysis
  • Rheology of food materials
  • Food microstructure
  • Microscopy techniques, e.g. transmission electron microscopy

Qualification requirements:

In connection with the appointment to the post special importance will be attached to the applicant having the professional and personal qualifications stated below:

  • Passed Master´s degree in relation to the above subject area(s)

The Ph.D. fellow is also required to have research potential, to be enterprising and to possess good interpersonal skills.

The application, marked 625/05366-265 should be sent to The Faculty of Life Sciences, Department of Food Science, Rolighedsvej 30, 1958 Frederiksberg C, where it must be received no later than 9th August 2010 at 12.00 noon.

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