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PhD Student Position in Space Physics, Sweden

Applications are invited for a PhD student position to study magnetic reconnection and related space plasma physics phenomena, in particular in the Earth’s magnetosphere, based on the latest scientific data. Magnetic reconnection is an important process in most astrophysical plasma environments; it leads to efficient, fast and often explosive-like conversion of magnetic energy into kinetic energy of plasma particles and to rapid reconfiguration of the magnetic topology. The new PhD student will work directly with experimental data from the international ESA multi-spacecraft mission Cluster. The new PhD student is expected to collaborate actively with several international experimental and theoretical groups studying magnetic reconnection.

The Space Plasma Physics Research Programme at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics has the main responsibility for the Electric Field and Wave (EFW) instrument on Cluster. We work with data from all instruments on Cluster.

Scholarship Application Deadline:25 March 2011

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