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Leibniz-DAAD Research Fellowships – Announcement 2011, Germany: Humanities and Educational Research Section B: Economics, Social and Spatial Sciences Section C: Life Sciences Section D: Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Engineering Section E: Environmental Research

‘Leibniz – DAAD Research Fellowships’ is a new programme implemented by the ‘ Leibniz Association’ (Wissenschaftsgemeinschaft Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz), and the ‘German Academic Exchange Service’ (DAAD). The fellowships offer highly-qualified recent foreign postdocs the opportunity to conduct special research at institutes of the Leibniz-Association in Germany.

The DAAD is a joint organisation of Germany’s higher education institutions and is mandated to promote international academic relations, especially through exchanges of students, academics and scientists. It is the internationalisation agency of Germany’s higher education institutions and simultaneously serves as a “mediator organisation” in the government’s foreign policy, European policy, development policy and higher education policy. With a total budget of almost 348 million euro in 2009 the DAAD run over 250 programmes which were predominately funded by Germany’s federal government.

Leibniz Association

The Leibniz Association is the umbrella organisation for 87 institutions conducting research or providing scientific infrastructure. Some 7,100 scientists and scholars work in the humanities and social sciences, economics, spatial and life sciences as well as in mathematics, the natural and engineering sciences and in environmental research. Altogether, more than 16,000 people are employed at Leibniz Institutes, which have an annual budget of 1,3 billion euro.


At the time of their application, applicants for a Leibniz-DAAD Research Fellowship should

* be able to prove their outstanding study or research achievements,
* have completed their studies with a PhD or equivalent degree (no more than two years should have passed since graduation),
* have an excellent knowledge of English.

A knowledge of German is advantageous.

:20 June 2011.

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Scholarship Programme for Researchers in Classics at Brown University, USA

In close cooperation with the Department of Classics at Brown University, the Gerda Henkel Foundation offers outstanding scholars in Classics an opportunity for academic research in the USA. The goal of this scholarship is to strengthen the academic exchange between established scholars from the USA and German-speaking countries. The Gerda Henkel Scholarship is awarded every two years. It covers the costs for one academic year (i.e. September to May) at Brown University, the costs of a substitute for a period of nine months at the scholar’s home university as well as support for travel and other research-related expenses. The Gerda Henkel Foundation will also cover 50 percent of the housing costs. The other half will be covered by Brown University. During the period of funding, the grant holders have no teaching obligations. The scholarship is awarded bi-annually.

Eligible candidates must:
Currently be employed by a German-speaking university or comparable academic research institution hold at least a PhD degree and demonstrate superior academic achievements give at least one lecture on their research interests during their stay at Brown, be available for occasional discussions with interested graduate students, and generally take part in the intellectual and social life of the Department of Classics present the results of their research at Brown to the Gerda Henkel Foundation, in a report and/or academic publication.

Scholarship Application Deadline:
31 October 2011.

Further Scholarship Information and Application