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Anglo Platinum Limited Bursary Scheme 2012, South Africa: Mining Engineering, Metallurgy, Chemical Engineering, Geology, Rock Engineering, Analytical Chemistry, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Mine Surveying,Finance/Accountancy.

The Anglo Platinum Limited Bursary Scheme is attractive in many respects – not only does it cover all of the financial needs of bursars, but it also provides medical cover and includes a computer allowance. And most importantly, it offers the prospect of a permanent position with the world leader in platinum – Anglo Platinum Limited. Entering the world of Anglo Platinum Limited opens the door to a career path in our operations across southern Africa, and also in the bigger, global Anglo American Group.
The minimum selection requirements are Grade 12 with 60% for both Mathematics and Science. Science is not required for Finance/Accountancy applications. If you have not received correspondence relating to this application from Anglo Platinum Limited by 31 July of the year of application, you can assume that your application has been unsuccessful.
Depending on the bursar’s chosen discipline of study and his or her academic ability, there are three possible study options open to them:
1-Tertiary study at a University – This includes components of practical training prior to, and during, tertiary study.
2-Tertiary study at a University of technology – This includes the component of experiential training as required by the university of technology for the National Diploma, National Higher Diploma or B.Tech degree.
3-Structured practical training programmes – These are supplemented by in-house and/or industry training courses.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 15 May 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Postgraduate Scholarship in Analytical Chemistry, Sweden

The doctoral project is about supercritical fluid extraction of lipids from microalgae, and the development of kinetic models describing desorption, diffusion and solvation of lipids in liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide. The research will be conducted in collaboration with researchers in chemical engineering, limnology and biotechnology, as well as within a multi-disciplinary collaboration about sustainable development. Analytical technologies that will be used within the project are mainly gas chromatography (GC), liquid chromatography (LC) and supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC), with mass spectrpometry (MS/MS), evaporative light scattering (ELSD) and charged aerosol (Corona-CAD) detectors. Department duties, usually laboratory teaching, will be included of up to 20%.

Eligibility/Entry Requirements

Basic entry requirements for PhD studies are: a degree at advanced level, courses to an extent of at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 at advanced level, or corresponding proficiencies aquired in Sweden or elsewhere.

Special requirements for this position: master degree in natural science, environmental science or engineering with good knowledges in analytical chemistry. It is a requirement to have conducted a degree project in analytical chemistry (or corresponding) of at least 15 ECTS. It is an advantage if you have previous experience from analytical chemistry work, preferably with different separation techniques and mass spectrometer.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 2011-02-16

Further Scholarship Information and Application

PhD fellowships in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Denmark

Applications are invited for the three-year fellowships from candidates that hold or expect to hold a master’s degree in a field relevant to the following projects:

1. Drug Delivery
Cubosomes and hexosomes as drug nanocarriers. Main supervisor: Associate Professor Anan Yaghmur, Department of Pharmaceutics and Analytical Chemistry (email: aya(at)

2. Optimal Drug Therapy
Adverse drug reactions and pharmacogenomics: Improving knowledge about medicines safety. Main supervisor: Associate Professor Lise Aagaard, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy (email: laa(at)

3. Optimal Drug Therapy
Computational simulation of rule-based adaptive regulation in circulation. Main supervisor: Associate Professor Harrie C. Boonen, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy (email: hcmb(at)

4. Neuropharmacology
Novel role of Ca2+ for regulating cellular brain bioenergetics. Main supervisor: Associate Professor Lasse Bak, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy (email: laba(at)

5. Medicinal Chemistry – Structure-Based Drug Research
Design and synthesis of the first selective ligands for the GPRC6A receptor – a novel human G-protein coupled receptor with unknown physiological function.
Main supervisor: Professor Hans Bräuner-Osborne, Department of Medicinal Chemistry (email: hbo(at)

6. Medicinal Chemistry – Structure-based Drug Research
Elucidating the structure and mechanism of proton coupled peptide transporters.
Supervisor: Associate Professor Osman Mirza, Department of Medicinal Chemistry (email: om(at)

7. Drug  Delivery – Pharmaceutical Technology
In vivo and in vitro gastric physico-relevant dissolution.
Main supervisor: Associate Professor Anette Müllertz, Department of Pharmaceutics and Analytical Chemistry (email: amu(at)

The project is cofinanced by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and AstraZeneca Mölndal, Sweden.

8. Drug Delivery – Pharmaceutical  Technology
Rational development of oromucosal drug delivery systems by use of predictive in vitro models.
Main supervisor: Associate Professor Jette Jacobsen, Department of Pharmaceutics and Analytical Chemistry (email: jeja(at)

The project is cofinanced by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Innnovation Consortium “Predicting Drug Absorption”.

The PhD fellowships are to be completed in accordance with the Ministerial order on the PhD programme at the universities (PhD order) from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and the Regulations and guidelines for the conferment of the PhD degree by the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The terms of employment are stated in the agreement between The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations and the Ministry of Finance.

As an equal opportunity employer, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences invites applications from all interested candidates regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin or religion.

For further information, applicants may contact the main supervisor.
How to apply

Step One: Make one pdf-file (max 10 mb) with the following contents:

1. Letter stating the interest and qualifications for the project (max. one page)
2. CV
3. Master’s degree diploma (including grade transcripts for bachelor’s and master’s degrees)
4. Possible publication list
5. Possible references
6. Applicants with a Master’s degree from abroad should also enclose a short description of the grading scale used.

Step Two: Fill in the following form and upload the pdf: Application form

Step Three: Print the pdf-file and send one hard copy in an envelope marked “Reference 211-0042/10-0900″ to:

University of Copenhagen
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Universitetsparken 2
DK – 2100 Copenhagen

The hard copy has to be received at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences before the application deadline.

Deadline for applications: Monday 30 August 2010 at 12 o’clock noon.
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