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Phi Beta Kappa Association Graduate Scholarship 2011-2012, USA: Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Phoenix area Phi Beta Kappa Association carries out the mission of the national Phi Beta Kappa Society by Supporting local college students in the liberal arts with scholarships to Arizona State University and organizing attendance at events such as special art exhibits, campus tours, and social occasions.
The scholarship is announced to be Awarded to Inductee into the Arizona State University Beta Chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa Society.To apply for this scholarship the applicant must be admitted to an accredited graduate program for the fall 2011 and Plan to enroll for at least nine semester hours in brick and mortar classes in fall 2011.The applicant should be a 2009 or 2010 initiate of the Beta of Arizona Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa and show a demonstrated financial need in the personal statement.The amount of award is $1,000 for the first year of graduate study in a regionally accredited university.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 1 June 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application