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2011 Charles Wallace Bangladesh Trust Doctoral Scholarships, UK

For Bangladeshi nationals who are in the final year, or anticipating the final year, of their PhD programme at a UK institution. This opportunity is for current students only.The Trust helps Bangladeshi nationals to pursue postgraduate study and professional development in the UK. The Board of Trustees has the authority to use the income from the Trust’s funds for Bangladeshis who are normally resident in Bangladesh to enable them to ‘follow courses of study, research or other educational pursuits which will advance the education of the said individual’.

Twice a year, in May and November, awards are granted to individual students already in the UK who are normally in the final year, or anticipating the final year, of their PhDs, and who need additional funding to help them complete their studies.The Trust is not primarily a hardship fund and all applicants are required to demonstrate academic excellence as well as financial need.Our maximum grant is £1,500, so applicants must have funds from other sources to cater for most of their needs.

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