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Carol and Eric Meyers 2011 PhD Dissertation Fellowship, W.F.Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, Israel

The Institute is awarding the Carol and Eric Meyers Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship to individuals with doctorate or post-doctorate degree. Applicants must submit application to the W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research Department of Art and Art History not later than October 1, 2010. For more information about the other details of this scholarship and how to go about the application, contact Dr. Joan R. Branham chair of the Albright Fellowship Committee.

The W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research is open to sponsoring short-term post-doctoral courses which involves research in biblical or early post-biblical archaeology and society. The Carol and Eric Meyers Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships allow doctoral students to complete dissertation for a period of 2 months at the Albright Institute. The Fellows are encouraged to take on topics that touch the society at the household level. Award recipients will get $5,000 grant with $3,040 of that is stipend and the remaining $1,960 is for the room and half-board at the Institute. Fellows should reside at the Institute for the duration of the research period.

Scholarship Application Deadline:
October 1, 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

HOMING PLUS Programme:Grants for Young Scholars, Poland: Bio, Info, Techno categories

The objective of the programme is to encourage young Polish scholars abroad to return to Poland. The programme is also open to young PhDs who are citizens of other countries but interested in spending a postdoctoral fellowship in Poland.

The programme is directed to persons who:
* hold at least a doctorate and are in the early stage of their academic career (up to 4 years after obtaining the doctorate*);
* have been abroad for an uninterrupted period of at least 9 months (conducting research, on a postdoctoral fellowship, or preparing a doctoral dissertation);
* intend to come to Poland within 6 months after the application deadline, or returning to Poland no earlier than 12 months prior to the application deadline; and
* work in Poland in a research unit or have received a promise of employment there for at least the duration of the project.

Scholarship Application Dedaline: 15 March 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Research Fellowship 2011, Norway: Education

Research activity at the Faculty of Education is organised in research groups. Applicants for this position will be member of the research group Teacher Professionalism and Educational Change (TEPEC). Applicants are also advised to contact the leader of the research group (Professor Trond Eiliv Hauge ( prior to sending in their application.

The applicant must prepare his/her project proposal so it is relevant for the research area. In the application the applicant must:

a) identify the research area within which the application is being made, and the relevance for the research group

b) indicate the branch of study within the doctoral programme they are applying for.

The doctoral dissertation should preferably be written as a collection of articles. As a general rule, the dissertation should be written in English. The submitted project proposal may be written in English or Norwegian.
Fellowship Application Deadline: 20.1.2011
Further Fellowship Information and Application