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Doctoral Position in Peace Conflict Research with Focus on Negotiations and Natural Disasters, Sweden

The position is part of the Swedish Research School of Natural Disaster Mitigation and the project focuses on negotiations and natural disasters. The overarching purpose is to develop knowledge about how negotiations are best conducted in areas of relevance for natural disaster science. The capacity to manage and prevent natural disasters depends to a large extent on effective collaboration and coordination between state and other actors, which in turn require effective negotiations between them. One possible focus is on negotiations in the acute phases of a natural disaster (for example, concerning multilateral humanitarian assistance). Another possible focus is on negotiations aimed at building up capacity to manage and/or prevent natural disasters in the long term (including negotiations concerned with environmental and resource preservation which contributes to natural disaster prevention).

Qualifications: B.A. degree (or the equivalent) with course work relevant for peace and conflict research. At least 1.5 years of full-time study of one social science subject, at least one semester of study of peace and conflict (or closely related subject),
and preferably a Master’s (or corresponding) degree. Documented knowledge (studies) or experience of (or relevant for) negotiations is considered an additional qualification. A strong sense of motivation and good ability to work independently are important. Good knowledge of English in speech and writing is required.

Scholarship Application Deadline:15 April 2011

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Doctoral Position in Media and Communication studies, Sweden

Research in media and communication studies at Lund University focuses on the sociology of media and culture. We combine quantitative and qualitative research methods with critical social and cultural theory to understand the role of media within broader social, political, and cultural contexts. Our international research includes work on media citizenship and democracy, gender and the media, media scandals, media audiences, popular culture, news, documentary, and reality TV, media health, consumption and advertising, social participation in new media environments, and the sociality and spatiality of media in urban spaces. Our doctoral students work on areas related to social activism, celebrities, media health, and cultural sociology. We run a regular international seminar series, and are developing doctoral courses and forums with other media institutions. We invite applicants with interests in media audiences and popular culture who can make an active contribution to the international profile of the department.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 2011-04-30

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PhD and Postdoctoral Positions in NorMER, Norway: Global climate change on fisheries resources in the Nordic region, with a primary focus on the Atlantic cod.

A major challenge to managers and scientists today is to identify ways that oceans can provide food and other services in a sustainable way under changing climatic and socioeconomic conditions. As a changing climate and high harvesting put increased pressure on marine resources, scientists of the future need the cross-disciplinary skills to combine physical, biological, and social/economic science to give appropriate management advice. NorMER is a new Nordic Centre of Excellence, with funding from Nordforsk, on behalf of Top-level Research Initiative (TRI), and the participating institutions for 2011-2015, that will address this challenge through a unique program of primary research. 45 researches from 10 Nordic institutions will collaborate in training 15 new PhD students and 5 Postdocs through joint projects that explore the biological, economic, and societal consequences of global climate change on fisheries resources in the Nordic region, with a primary focus on the Atlantic cod.

The NorMER partnership includes teams led by Nils Chr. Stenseth at the University of Oslo, Carl Folke of the Stockholm Resilience Centre in Sweden, Erik Bonsdorff at Åbo Adakemi University in Finland, Marko Lindroos at the University of Helsinki in Finland, Markus Meier at the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute in Sweden, Guðrún Marteinsdóttir at Marine Academic Research in Iceland, Eyðfinn Magnussen at the University of Faroe Islands, Helle Siegstad at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Øyvind Fiksen at the University of Bergen in Norway, and Thomas Kiørboe at the Technical University of Denmark. Each PhD project will be supervised and based at a single institution, but will require a mandatory visit to a partner institution of up to 4 months for co-supervision (see the detailed descriptions for each project for details). The Postdoc positions are additionally required to collaborate with multiple partner institutio.

Scholarship Application Deadline:
30th March 2011

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