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Domus B Graduate Scholarships, UK

Merton College is offering two Domus B Graduate Scholarships in 2011. The scholarships are intended to assist Home and EU students of outstanding academic excellence who for financial reasons would not otherwise be able to study at the University of Oxford.

The scholarships provide College and University fees and a maintenance grant of £12,300. Subject to satisfactory progress, the scholarships will be tenable for three years in the case of direct entry doctoral programmes and four in cases where a preparatory master’s course is required before the doctorate. Scholars are guaranteed College single accommodation (if required) for the first year, after which they can enter the graduate room ballot. Scholars must meet the costs of this accommodation themselves.

Scholarship Application Deadline:
15 July 2011

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2011 Doctoral Grant Programme in Information and Knowledge, Spain

The IN3 offers grants for following the Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Programme in each new edition. The IN3-UOC Doctoral Theses Grants Programme require full-time dedicationfrom the student and being physically present in the research institute’s facilities.

The maximum duration of the grants is four years. Grants require annual renewal. Renewal is contingent on the students benefitting from such grants achieving the training and research objectives established in each case. One of these objectives is to complete the organised research period within a maximum of three years. Another is to carry out research papers derived from the doctoral thesis.The rules for renewal and the resolutions on the allocation of IN3-UOC grants.

Scholarship Application Deadline:20 May 2011

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ICP PhD Scholarships 2011 for Developing Country Students in Belgium

As an ICP PhD student, you can institutionally strengthen your university or research institution in your home country by upgrading your academic capacities. Hence every year we provide 10 scholarships to people who wish to carry out research on a development topic, in a so-called sandwich programme.

The research and doctoral programme are geographically spread over two locations, namely the academic home institution and a Flemish university. In this way both local and Flemish expertise are combined to offer you and both research groups a win-win effect. The selection committee assesses and ranks all proposals according to quality and relevance for the South.

Target group
The call is open for people who graduated not earlier than 2006, or will graduate in 2011, from a Flemish, VLIR-UOS funded Master programme (ICP). As an applicant, you must meet other criteria, which we specify in the call.

Scholarship Application Deadline: Feb 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application