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University of the Witwatersrand Postgraduate Merit Award 2011, South Africa

University Postgraduate Merit Awards will be awarded on the basis of academic merit..Students who register for postgraduate diplomas, BEd, LLB degrees or GDE are not eligible for University Postgraduate Merit Awards.

Please note that the normal maximum tenure of a postgraduate merit award is:
a) Doctors (Post-Masters) – three years
b) Doctors (Post-Honours) – four years
c) Masters – two years
d) Honours – one year

A postgraduate merit awardee/bursar is obliged to work for a minimum of six and a maximum of nine hours per week in the University Department/School.

There is a minimum academic requirement for a University Postgraduate Merit Award and applicants should consult the rules.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 30 April 2011 for July/September enrolment

Further Scholarship Information and Application