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College 2020 Undergraduate Summer Research Stipends, USA

Resisting the Path to Genocide, a College 2020 Research Cluster at the University of Southern California (USC), offers funding for one visiting Ph.D. candidate per semester, beginning in Spring of 2011 through Spring 2013.

The grant will be up to $4000 and shall allow the candidate to conduct research at USC for four weeks.

We are accepting international applications from Ph.D. candidates at any university, from any relevant discipline, who are working on a subject relevant to the cluster’s activities. 

An interdisciplinary committee of faculty members involved with the research cluster will select the candidate, who will be chosen on the basis of:

  • how closely the candidate’s research relates to the topic of genocide resistance, and can contribute to scholarly discussion of genocide resistance within the cluster
  • the extent to which the use of USC’s resources will enable the candidate to further his or her ongoing research, or to conduct a smaller research project during the length of his or her stay at USC

USC is the home of internationally unique research resources, including 52,000 audio visual testimonies of Holocaust survivors at the Shoah Foundation Institute archive, a  Holocaust and genocide studies collection with 11,000 primary and secondary sources, and a Special Collection containing papers of Jewish emigrants including the Lion Feuchtwanger collection.  In addition, the Greater Los Angeles area houses one of the largest genocide survivor communities (Armenia, Holocaust, Cambodia, Guatemala, etc.) in the world.

The fellow will be expected to provide the cluster with fresh perspectives, to play a role in the cluster activities, and to give a paper at one of the internal cluster workshops. The aim is to enhance the discussion of genocide resistance and foster a future network of scholars.

Candidates should submit a CV, a research proposal including a project outline and methodology, and two letters of recommendation to Alida Liberman(

The deadline for Spring 2011 is Monday 28 February.

Please contact Alida Liberman (, graduate research assistant for the cluster, for further information.

Graduate Research Assistantship: Signalling Pathways in Cardiogenesis, Oxford University, UK

We are looking for a highly motivated graduate research assistant with a BSc and/or MSc in a relevant discipline, an interest in cell signalling, ideally with experience in cell culture, molecular cloning, transfections, cell-based luciferase assays, siRNA techniques (including high-throughput screening), and microscopy. The candidate will work together with a postdoctoral fellow on cell signalling pathways (e.g. BMP, WNT, HH, NOTCH, FGF) that are important in heart formation using cell-based assays.

The post is available from 1 June 2011 for up to five years, and is funded by a British Heart Foundation Programme Grant Award to Professor Shoumo Bhattacharya. Our laboratory is located at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, which provides an outstanding working environment, with excellent core facilities and opportunities for interactions.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 18 February 2011

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