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Four Postgraduate Positions in Political Science, Sweden

The doctoral candidate programme amounts to 240 credits (which is equivalent to four years of study full time). It formally ends with the doctoral candidate publicly defending his/her printed doctoral thesis.

The holder of a postgraduate position has as his/her primary obligation to successfully fulfil his/her third cycle education ending with a PhD degree. Regulations concerning appointment as a full time postgraduate student can be found in the Higher Education Ordinance Chapter 5, 1-7 §§. The holder of a postgraduate position is expected to participate actively in the research and teaching environment of the Department. He/she will normally have to perform departmental duties, above all teaching, amounting to about 20 per cent of full time.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 2011-04-15

Further Scholarship Information and Application

2011 Ustinov College Scholarships, UK

The Ustinov College Accommodation Awards were established in 1994. The awards have three key objectives:

  • to contribute to the development of Ustinov College as a centre of excellence in postgraduate student life;
  • to attract outstanding students to Ustinov College who might not otherwise be able to afford to come to Durham.
  • to support University strategy in relation to attracting high quality postgraduate students to Durham;
  • Ustinov College awards up to 8 accommodation scholarships per academic year.  The awards are to offset the cost or part of the cost of college accommodation for a single student for up to one year of study.  The value of the award is up to a maximum of £5023 (2010-2011).  Applications for Ustinov College Scholarships (Accommodation) for the academic year 2011-2012 will open in April 2011, deadline for applications will be mid-July.

  • Are you enthusiastic about Ustinov and committed to improving the college experience for Ustinov members?
  • Do you have experience of organising and running activities of interest to a postgraduate community?
  • Do you have team working skills, and potential to lead a team of equals?
  • Are you able to enthuse others and encourage them to participate?
  • Do you have a strong academic record?
  • Then the Ustinov Awards Committee wants to hear from you. A small number of positions are available each year to work with the College Officers to continue Ustinov’s development as a centre for excellence in providing an unparalleled postgraduate experience. In addition to generous discounts towards college residence charge, benefits include skills development and a much stronger CV.

    Scholarship Application Deadline: mid-July 2011

    Further Scholarship Information and Application

    2011 Monica Cole Research Grant for Overseas Fieldwork: physical geography

    The Monica Cole Research Grant offers £1,000 each year to a female physical geographer undergraduate or postgraduate student undertaking original fieldwork overseas. The Grant is given in memory of Professor Monica Cole, an eminent physical geography researcher.

    Born in 1922, Monica Cole was a leader in the field of geo-botany. Her career spanned continents and decades. She held the position of Chair of Geography at Bedford College for many years. Shortly after her retirement in 1975, she received the RGS-IBG Murchison Medal for major contributions to the geography of South Africa and to the understanding of savannas.

    Scholarship Application Deadline: 20 January 2012

    Further Scholarship Information and Application