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Document Management and Graphic Communications Industry Scholarships 2011 in USA

The EDSF scholarship program was initiated in 1999 to recognize and support the next generation of professionals for the Document Management and Graphic Communication industry. The industry encompasses the wide range of businesses and professionals involved in the creation, management, production, distribution and storage of print and electronic documents.To be eligible for an EDSF scholarship, students must have the following:
. An interest in pursuing a career within the Document Management and Graphic Communication industry
. Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale
. Full-time student attending an accredited college or university as of the Fall 2011 semester
. International students may apply
Criteria :Scholarships are based on a combination of the following: Scholastic achievement, application essay,participation in school activities, community service, honors and organizational affiliations, education objectives and academic and professional recommendations. Depending on specific sponsor criteria,other elements may be considered, such as geographic location, college preference, organization andpresentation. Previous EDSF Scholarship Recipients Must Reapply.Students who have received EDSF scholarships in the past must reapply each year as the scholarships are not automatically renewed. A revised, updated application and references must be submitted.
Scholarship Selection:The EDSF Scholarship Committee, made up of individuals active in the Document Management and
Graphic Communication industry, reviews the applications and selects the award recipients.Awards will be announced no later than July 29, 2011. All scholarship recipients will be notified byemail and/or phone within 24 hours of the selection committee’s decisions. In addition, a complete list of scholarship award recipients.

Scholarship Application Deadline: May 2, 2011

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