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Mary Kelly Ad Astra Research Scholarship in Society and the Environment, UK

Proposals may relate to social factors that are seen to contribute to creating environmental problems, the social consequences of such problems and strategies for addressing such problems. The specific issues to which such research could be addressed include the following: environmentalism as a social movement; perceptions of environmental problems and the inequitable social distribution of environmental hazards; environmental justice and social inequality; paradigms of environment and society; environmental knowledge, discourse and policy; environmental conflict, public values and the environment, environmental citizenship. Research Study The College of Human Sciences, UCD has funded a 3-year ad Astra Research Scholarship for a Ph.D. research proposals relating to the study of the relationship between society and the environment. The successful candidate, with support from a supervisor, would be expected to identify a major topic of interest within this area.
Ad Astra Scholarship: The scholarship is valued at €16,000 per annum. This is comprised of €12,000 as a tax-free scholarship, and €4,000 as remuneration for contributions to the undergraduate teaching programme (not greater than 234 hours per annum). Successful applicants who do not qualify for any external fee support will in addition be supported by a UCD Grant to cover fees. All students are obliged to pay the Student Centre Levy. For further details on the terms and conditions of Ad Astra Scholarships, see
Eligibility: Applicants must have a first or upper second class honours primary degree and/or master’s degree, or the equivalent, in Sociology or a related discipline and be qualified for direct admission to a Ph.D. programme. In addition to academic excellence, cognisance will be taken of relevant previous professional experience and training.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 March 2011

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Linguistics HEARing CRC Scholarship, Australia: Human Sciences

A full time 3 year PhD scholarship is available in the Department of Linguistics in conjunction with the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre and its partner The Shepherd Centre. The PhD project will be undertaken as a component of the HEARing CRC’s overall Project on Approaches to Habilitation in Children. Supervision will be coordinated through Dr Elisabeth Harrison, Senior Lecturer, Department of Linguistics, at Macquarie University, who is internationally recognized for clinical research with young children who have communication disorders. The project will be undertaken with the support and close involvement of The Shepherd Centre.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 January 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application