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2011 Keele International Student Scholarship at Keele University, UK

The Keele International Student Scholarship for postgraduate students from all countries is worth GBP3000 towards the cost of your Master’s tuition fees. The Scholarships are awarded to students who can demonstrate excellence in at least two of the following areas: Academic qualifications,  English Language ability,  Understanding of the course and motivation to study at Keele,  Extra-curricular or work experience. To apply for the KIS Scholarship you must have applied to Keele and been offered a place to study here.  The decisions on Scholarships are made by the International Recruitment Team and their decision is final.

Scholarship Application Deadline: end of May 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Research Institute for Humanties Studentships, Keele University, UK

Research studentships are offered to students wishing to undertake a postgraduate programme.  All studentships are highly competitive and you should ensure (and demonstrate) that there is a good match between your own qualifications and interests and those being sought for the particular studentship. Research Institute for Humanities Studentships Reference number: RIHUMS – 2011/12 Abstract. Applications are invited for studentships within any of research areas of the Research Institute:

  • English and Creative Writing
  • History
  • Music and Music Technology
  • American Literature and History
  • Cultural and Media Studies
  • Scholarship Application Deadline: 15 May 2011.

    Further Scholarship Information and Application