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2011 Naming and Branding Scholarship for Undergraduate Students, USA: Linguistics, English, Marketing or Mass Communications

Develop five (5) new name candidates for a new innovation in the automotive industry. Imagine a completely electric vehicle that you can drive continuously without having to plug in to recharge. The car recharges itself through wind energy generated by two small fans below the headlights that spin while the car is in motion. It is the ultimate renewable energy solution. Applicants are encouraged to develop coined or suggestive names. The name candidates should not include any obvious existing trademarks in the name and an online search for pre-existing trademarks should be completed before submitting an application.
Eligibility: Open to all undergraduate students majoring in Linguistics, English, Marketing or Mass Communications
2. Must have a minimum 3.0 Cumulative GPA
3. Applicants cannot be currently employed by Strategic Name Development
4. Students must be attending a college or university within the United States

Scholarship Application Deadline: August 15, 2011

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8 Fully Funded PhD Scholarships at the University of Salzburg, Austria: Biology, cognitive neurology, cognitive science, linguistics and psychology (clinical, cognitive, developmental and social)

We are inviting applications for 8 fully funded PhD scholarships in the following interdisciplinary areas: biology, cognitive neurology, cognitive science, linguistics and psychology (clinical, cognitive, developmental and social.students: salary for a period of 3 to 4 years (including health and social insurance), equipped work space, cover of research consumables, specific technological training courses (e.g. fMRI, EEG), presentation, writing and teaching skill training, full funding of congress participation, workshops and international courses, including stays in foreign partner laboratories.

Candidates must hold a master’s degree or equivalent with a relevant specialization in one of the above listed academic areas of the programme at the time of entry. Prior application is possible. The language of the graduate programme (teaching) is English; hence English proficiency is indispensable. The programme strives for equal representation of female PhD students so women are especially encouraged to apply.

Scholarship Application Deadline:9th May 2011

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2011 CASBS-Residential Fellowship Program at Stanford University, USA: Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology Humanistic Disciplines, Education, Linguistics and Biological Sciences.

The Center offers a residential postdoctoral fellowship program for scientists and scholars from this country and abroad. Since 1954, CASBS fellowships have been awarded to scholars working in a diverse range of disciplines. These include the five core social and behavioral disciplines of anthropology, economics, political science, psychology and sociology as well as scholars from a wide range of humanistic disciplines, education, linguistics and the biological sciences.

Many activities offer Fellows significant opportunities to engage with one another (as well as with other accomplished scholars on Stanford campus):

•a seminar series in which Fellows are invited to present their work
•informal work groups that emerge during the year, which give Fellows with broadly overlapping interests a basis for sustained conversation
•public meetings of special projects in residence, which give Fellows a chance to learn more about these projects and to engage with participants on substantive issues of mutual interest
•daily lunches at the Center, which often result in one-on-one meetings between potential collaborators
•special events and recreational activities organized by the Center
•Stanford campus colloquia and seminars provided by the Psychology Department, the Clayman Institute for Gender Research, the Humanities Center, etc.

Scholarship Application Deadline:
April 6, 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application