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PhD Studentship in the Institute of Physics, Technical University of Lodz, Poland: theoretical/computational chemistry

A PhD student position is available in the Institute of Physics, Technical University of Lodz, Poland in the group of Prof. Katarzyna Pernal position to carry out the project “Accurate description of intermolecular interaction energies from extended random phase approximation”.

The position is in the field of theoretical/computational chemistry. The project involves development and coding of new quantum chemistry methods.

The position is financed via the program “Pomost” founded by the Foundation for Polish Science.

The Stipend’s amount: 3 500 PLN / month.

The stipend is free of tax. Neither health nor pension insurance is provided.

Maximum period of stipend agreement: till 30 September 2013.

A successful candidate will join the PhD program at the Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Lodz. After the “Pomost” contract expires the candidate will continue working towards the PhD degree as the graduate student receiving the stipend from the Department of Chemistry (the amount is decided by the department).

Profile of candidates:

· Full university degree (Master Degree or equivalent) in Chemistry or Physics.

· Computational and programming skills.

· Strong mathematical background.

· Good knowledge of quantum chemistry methods.

· Fluent spoken and written English.

Scholarship Applocation Deadline:31 March 2011

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Erasmus Mundus International Master’s Scholarship in Women’s and Gender Studies

GEMMA is the achievement of long years of efforts trying to advance in the tuning of our diverse educational structures and create common curricula in Women’s and Gender Studies. The eight partner institutions represent seven European countries with different locations and cultures across all Europe: University of Granada (Spain, Co-ordinator), University of Bologna (Italy), Central European University (Hungary), University of Hull (United Kingdom), University of Lodz (Poland), University of Oviedo (Spain) and University of Utrecht (Netherlands).

GEMMA is an interdisciplinary programme that provides high quality academic education and professional competences for personnel working or intending to work in the areas of Women’s Studies, Gender Studies and Equal Opportunities across Europe. It collects our best offers both from the humanities and social sciences, making it attractive to students and offering a wide span of options and combinations. Courses are taught by the most distinguished and highly recognized professors in the fields of research at each one of the departments involved.

GEMMA provides a unique opportunity to benefit from mobility as students are expected to study at different European universities. This inter-university and interdisciplinary postgraduate programme gives a unique possibility to obtain a double diploma from the home and mobility university acknowledged by all GEMMA Consortium members.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 10 January 2011

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