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2011 Naming and Branding Scholarship for Undergraduate Students, USA: Linguistics, English, Marketing or Mass Communications

Develop five (5) new name candidates for a new innovation in the automotive industry. Imagine a completely electric vehicle that you can drive continuously without having to plug in to recharge. The car recharges itself through wind energy generated by two small fans below the headlights that spin while the car is in motion. It is the ultimate renewable energy solution. Applicants are encouraged to develop coined or suggestive names. The name candidates should not include any obvious existing trademarks in the name and an online search for pre-existing trademarks should be completed before submitting an application.
Eligibility: Open to all undergraduate students majoring in Linguistics, English, Marketing or Mass Communications
2. Must have a minimum 3.0 Cumulative GPA
3. Applicants cannot be currently employed by Strategic Name Development
4. Students must be attending a college or university within the United States

Scholarship Application Deadline: August 15, 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Journalism/Broadcasting: William B Ruggles Journalism Scholarship

For journalism/mass communications majors with a demonstrated understanding of voluntarism and of problems of compulsory unionism.
For study in:
North America
Field of Study:
Available to:
Award Amount:
Type of Award:
Grade Level:
Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate
Submission Deadline:
31st December

Contact Information

Contact Information
National Institute for Labor Relations Research
Springfield, VA 22151
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William B. Ruggles Scholarship Selection Committee
(703) 321-9606