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PhD Scholarship in Computational Biology, Massey University, New Zealand

A PhD scholarship is now open for a highly motivated and productive student in the Computational Biology Research Group at Massey University, New Zealand. The successful candidate will study how human social arrangements, such as marriage practices, affect patterns of genetic diversity in small communities. Although there is scope to accommodate existing research interests, the successful candidate will develop, implement and test new methods in statistical genetics, and apply these methods to genetic and cultural anthropology datasets. This research will initially be directed toward determining whether human social practices have constrained or directed genetic evolution in the Pacific region, a major focus of my research group.

This PhD scholarship offers a rare opportunity to develop your skills as a researcher within an internationally recognized computational biology research group, while taking advantage of New Zealand’s unique natural and cultural environment. Palmerston North, a university town with a large international community, offers a full range of social and cultural amenities. The city is located close to the North Island’s central mountains, and presents regular opportunities for hiking, skiing, surfing and adventure sports, as well as experiencing New Zealand’s unique indigenous culture. Nevertheless, my research group maintains extensive international connections, especially with colleagues in Australia, Indonesia, France and the United States, and is linked firmly into the international scientific community.

Minimum  Qualifications:
– A Masters or Honors degree (First Class or equivalent) in computational biology, bioinformatics, applied mathematics, computer science, population genetics, molecular evolution, or other relevant field.
– Able to conduct independent cutting-edge research.
– Solid analytical, quantitative and mathematical skills.
– Experience with probabilistic modeling and statistical genetics.
– Candidates should be comfortable working in a UNIX environment, and have a strong programming background.

Preferred Qualification:
– Candidates with a background in interdisciplinary research, spanning both biological sciences and applied mathematics/computer science, are especially encouraged to apply.
– Candidates should have proven research experience, preferably with evidence of scientific publications.
– Candidates will ideally be conversant in a compiled programming language (e.g., C or C++), a scripting language (e.g., Perl), and a statistical environment (e.g., R).
– Experience with parallel computing on large clusters and/or parallel programming would be highly advantageous

Scholarship Application Deadline: 15 May 2011

Further Scholarship Inforation and Application

Mary Mallon Memorial Scholarship 2011, New Zealand

The award was established in memory of the late Mary Mallon, Professor in Human Resource Management, to help students attain further qualifications to advance their careers in human resource management.

The award shall have a minimum value of $1,000 for one academic year.

One or more Mary Mallon Memorial Scholarships will be awarded annually.

Candidates must be enrolled, in the year the scholarship is awarded, in either 114.899 – Thesis Human Resource Management or 114.900 – PhD Human Resource Management at the Palmerston North campus of Massey University.

The Scholarship shall be awarded on the basis of academic merit and consideration will also be given to the nature and costs of the proposed research project.

Responsibility for the Award
The Scholarship shall be awarded by the University Scholarships Committee on the advice of the Department of Management research committee.

The emolument will be paid in one lump sum presented in person at the Department of Management graduation function in Palmerston North in May, or sent to the recipient in May if the student is unable to attend the graduation function.

Conditions of the award
This scholarship is tenable with other scholarships. The University has the right to refrain from making the award in the event of there being no suitable applicants.

Application Deadline 31/03/2011

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George Terry Memorial Scholarship 2011, New Zealand

: This scholarship is supported by the gift of $1,500 by Mr F. Terry of Ngongotaha in memory of his son, a graduate of Massey College who was killed in action in Italy in July 1944.

1. The George Terry Memorial Scholarship shall have a value determined each year from the interest earned on the capital and be open to all students of Massey University enrolled in an honours degree or postgraduate diploma in Applied Academic Programme disciplines relevant to agriculture or horticulture (prefix of 111, 112, 117, 119, 138, 171, 188, 189, 238 or 239).

2.The scholarship shall be awarded as funds permit on the recommendation of the Applied Academic Programmes Scholarships Committee provided that applications are of sufficient merit. The award shall be based on the candidate’s academic attainment.

3.In recommending the award of the scholarship the Applied Academic Programmes Scholarships Committee shall take account of other scholarships and bursaries held with a view to achieving a reasonable distribution of monies among qualifying candidates.

4.The monies shall be paid in May.

5.Applications close with the Scholarships Office, Graduate Research School on 10 March in the year in which the award is to be made. Application forms (ASSC.3) are available from Massey Contact, 0800 627 739.


Application Deadline 10/03/2011

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