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Postdoctoral Position in Computational Thermal Sciences, Masdar Institute of Science & Technology, Abu Dhabi

We are seeking a post-doctoral research associate in the area of computational thermal sciences. The project aims at developing simulation tools for chemical looping combustion for carbon capture, and is funded by MIT/Masdar collaborative research grant. Candidates with Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or a related field and research experience in CFD methods are encouraged to apply. Experience in reacting flow modeling is desirable. The position provides excellent opportunity of collaboration with research group at MIT and excellent compensation package (salary range: US$ 60,000 – 70,000 per year).

About Masdar Institute:
Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, located in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., is a private, not-for-profit, independent, graduate-level, research-driven institute developed with the support and cooperation of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The goal of the Institute is to develop, over a period of years, indigenous R&D capacity in Abu Dhabi, addressing issues of importance to the region in critical areas such as: renewable energy, sustainability, environment, water resources and microelectronics. The Institute offers graduate degree programs (MSc & PhD) in science and engineering disciplines with a focus on advanced energy and sustainable technologies.

How to apply:Please send your application with a detailed resume and a list of 3 references to Professor Tariq Shamim, Mechanical Engineering, Masdar Institute of Science & Technology, P.O. Box 54224, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Phone: +971(2) 810-9158. Electronic submission of application is greatly preferred. Email:

Fellowship Application Deadline: Contact Employer

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SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship at University College London 2011 in UK: Chemical Process Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering

A scholarship application should accompany, or follow, a University Graduate Entry Application. Scholarship applications will not be considered until the applicant has been accepted by University College London to undertake an eligible programme of postgraduate study.Applicants must personally complete this form by entering the information requested in the appropriate blocks.
Applicants must :
• display intellectual ability and leadership potential;
• have a high standard of English, ie at least 6.5 in IELTS and meet the university’s language requirements;and
• be aged between 21-30 years;
• originate from one of the Delta States in Nigeria, namely Rivers, Delta or Bayelsa and currently reside in Nigeria;
• intend to return and take up permanent residence in Nigeria after completion of the proposed programme of study
• intend to study one of the following courses.
• have obtained a degree of at least an equivalent standard to a UK Upper Second Class Honours Degree
• be neither a current nor former employee (who have left employment less than 5 years before) of SPDC, the Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies or Wider Perspectives Limited, or current employee’s relatives;
• not already have had the chance of studying in the UK or another developed country.
Undertaking by applicants :By completing this form applicants attest to the accuracy of the information given and to their intention to return to and settle in Nigeria/ the Delta States on completion of the proposed programme of study.

Scholarship Application Deadline:28th March 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

University of Nottingham, Research Associate in Design Research, 2011

Applications are invited for the above post within the Energy and Sustainability Research Division, to design, manufacture and test a prototype for a thermal energy store utilising metal hydrides as a high energy density medium. This project is part of an E.ON International Research Initiative investigating novel thermal energy storage technologies for concentrated solar power plants.

The successful candidate will undertake an exciting project to create detailed specifications and, working with sub-contractors, the conceptual and embodiment design for the thermal store, support infrastructure and testing instrumentation/programme. A particular challenge will be the design and validation of an efficient thermal management system for the store, enabling a fast response when the store is either being charged or discharged. The project requires working within an inter-disciplinary team to design, build and validate the prototype. Operating in a safe manner is important to the project and the candidate will also undertake directed HSS training to ensure an exceptional level of HSS is delivered within the project. As a more senior member of the team, the person appointed will contribute to the training and supervision of PhD students working in the group. Duties will also include the liaison with E.ON and other partners in the project, the preparation and presentation of reports at regular intervals, and the development of academic publications for the dissemination of results to a wider audience.Candidates must hold a BEng (or equivalent) in an appropriate field (for example materials engineering/science, chemical engineering, physical science) and have design experience in engineering, preferably mechanical engineering. They must also have experience/understanding of project management and be able to demonstrate an ability to develop creative solutions to problems. Good verbal and written communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment is essential.

Application Deadline: 14 Feb 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application