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Research Position in Ghana:Economics of Human Waste in Agriculture

If you have recently completed your PhD in Economics or Sanitation and have a sound understanding of both, then this could be just the assignment for you. Based at IWMI”s West Africa Office in Accra, Ghana, you will analyze business opportunities for enterprise development related to resource recovery from human waste, be it in agriculture or other sectors, and then form policy recommendations to enhance livelihoods in the rural/urban interface.
You will:
• provide economic and institutional analysis for projects that explore, for example:
o sustainability indicators of low-cost wastewater treatment options across Africa
o Agricultural reuse-oriented approaches into the sanitation sector to recover nutrients, water and energy from waste streams whilst
improving environmental sanitation in Ghana
o Role of small and micro-enterprises that specialize in waste reuse in Ghana, Vietnam and Uganda
o How to enhance the success of private ventures in solid and liquid waste collection and reuse
• study national agricultural and sanitation policies and regulations examining relevant economic, organizational, institutional and financial issues to inform policymakers through the development and application of economic decision tools/models for recovery of nutrients, organic matter, energy and water from waste streams
• liaise with public officials on the awareness and implementation of public policies
• contribute to ideas on linking agriculture and sanitation to enhance food security and business opportunities in West Africa through the reuse of waste resources, emphasizing cost recovery along the sanitation chain
• prepare scientific reports and articles for peer-reviewed journals
You must possess:
• a recent PhD in agricultural or natural resources, economics or environmental or civil engineering
• a good understanding of agriculture, microeconomics and enterprise development

Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 January 2011

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