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Postgraduate Scholarship in Remote Sensing of Wind Fields and Atmospheric Pollution using Laser Radar, Australia

The scholarship has an additional operating, training and travel budget to assist students in field investigations. The successful candidates will work with a small team of researchers based in Perth, Western Australia.

Eligibility: Candidates will be expected to have:
* An Honours (H1A or H2A) degree, Masters degree (Distinction average) or equivalent in a relevant physical science, engineering discipline, and/or mathematics.
* A basic understanding of the fluid dynamics; numerical modelling; optimisation and statistical computations; and well developed skill computer programming using computation languages (such as C++, Matlab and Fortran), which are fundamentals to the successful outcomes of both project outcomes. Experience with parallel programming using visualisation libraries will be well regarded.
* The ability to, and experience in, working both independently and as part of an interdisciplinary team
* English proficiency, with strong written and oral communication skills.
* A commitment to applied research

Scholarship Application Deadline:Can be applied for at any time.

Further Scholarship Information and Application