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Werner Siemens-Foundation Fellowship in Life Sciences, Switzerland

Excellent students from all over the world are encouraged to apply for a prestigious fellowship Werner Siemens-Foundation. The aim of the fellowships which are sponsored by the Werner Siemens-Foundation ( is to select and promote highly talented graduate students in the area of Life Sciences. The fellowships offer direct access to the PhD program, generous financial support, a rotation-based selection of the research group, and support for the attendance of scientific meetings and courses during the PhD.

Scholarship Application Deadline:June 30,2011

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C V Raman International Fellowship for African Researchers 2011, India: Science and Technology

Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, has initiated C V Raman International Fellowship for African Researchers under new Science & Technology initiative to promote scientific cooperation with Africa. This prestigious fellowship is aimed at further strengthening the bond between Indian & African nations through Science & Technology collaboration. This fellowship is a follow up action of the new Science & Technology initiative for African countries announced at the highest level during the India-Africa Forum Summit of April 2008.

The objective of the C V Raman International Fellowship is to provide opportunities to African researchers to conduct, under the guidance of their host in India, collaborative research with leading research groups in universities and other Indian institutions in various areas of Science & Technology.
Types and number of fellowships offered
Each African country will have 8 slots of fellowship totaling approximately 416 fellowships under this programme.
(a) Post Doctoral Fellowship – Duration 6 months. Maximum 2 fellowships of 6 months duration each or one fellowship thereof subject to total 12 man-months.
(b) Visiting fellowship – Duration 3 months. Maximum 3 fellowships
(c) Senior Fellowship – Duration 1 month. Maximum 3 fellowships

Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) is the Coordinating Partner for C V Raman International Fellowship. FICCI, on behalf of Department of Science & Technology, invites applications from African researchers for the award of C V Raman International Fellowship to conduct research in Indian research laboratories/institutes in chosen areas of Science & Technology.

Scholarship Application Deadline: July 31, 2011

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