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Go8 – Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme: Education, Science, Culture and Research

The scheme is a joint initiative by the Group of Eight (Go8) Universities and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) – Germany’s national agency for the support of international academic co-operation.The scheme supports exchanges for Go8 researchers to spend time at partner institutions in Germany and for collaborating German researchers to spend time at Go8 universities.

The scheme has two main objectives:
To foster research collaboration of the highest quality between Australian researchers from Go8 universities and German researchers.To result in research outcomes and the exchange of skills and knowledge of mutual benefit to Australia and Germany.

Scholarship Application Deadline:30 June 2011

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JRF, SRF and RA Positions at Translational Health Science And Technology Institute, India

Translational Health Science And Technology Institute (THSTI) is an autonomous Institute of the Department of Biotechnology under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. THSTI has been developed as a part of the interdisciplinary Health biotech Science cluster to be located at Faridabad which is a part of the National Capital Region. The Institute is being mentored by globally recognized National Institute of Immunology (NII) and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology (HMHST). THSTI is designed to be a dynamic and interactive organization with a mission to conduct innovative translational research and develop research collaborations across disciplines and professions to accelerate the development of concepts into tangible products to improve human health. The other members of the cluster include The Regional Centre of Biotechnology (RCB) under the aegis of UNESCO and the NII with which the THSTI will have a seamless collaboration to achieve the interdisciplinary expertise. The cluster will have access to the state of the art experimental animal facility and the platform technology center for the sophisticated instrumentation. The permanent laboratories of the centre will come up in Faridabad within 3 years. The interim laboratories of the centre are functioning from Gurgaon in the South of Delhi area with adequate housing, transportation and schooling facilities. Campus housing may be available when the centre moves to Faridabad.Vaccine and Infectious Disease Research Center (VIDRC) has been set up as a mission center of the THSTI to study infectious disease and pathogens with the aim to generate translational knowledge for developing prophylactic and therapeutic measures against diseases prevalent in India.
Eligibility: RA : Doctorate (PhD/MD) or an equivalent degree or 3 years of research experience after MVSc / MPharm.
SRF: Post Graduate Degree in Life Sciences with 2 years research experience or MBBS.
JRF: Post Graduate Degree in Life Sciences.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 26 April 2011

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Call for Proposals-Bilateral Research Cooperation with Vietnam (NAFOSTED) 2011, Netherlands

The FWO is very keen to promote international collaborations as a driving force for excellence. As part of the funding for bilateral research collaborations, the FWO concludes a bilateral agreement with a number of countries for the funding of joint research projects. These projects go one step further than the traditional exchange projects, because personnel can also be financed. One of the five countries selected is Vietnam. An agreement has been signed with the research fund NAFOSTED (National Foundation for Science and Technology) for the funding of new research projects.

Researchers can submit an application for a joint research project with a duration of 2 years. On Flemish side, the indicative budget per project and per year is about 70.000 EURO, which corresponds to the average size of a normal FWO research project. There is a total amount of 300.000 EURO available per year – the number of fundable projects is therefore about 4. NAFOSTED (Vietnam) has 350.000 EURO a year at its disposal for this collaboration, and aims at projects with an average size of 75.000 EURO.The exact dates for each call are decided on in consultation with the foreign partner and may vary. The forms are available online and should be sent by e-mail before the proposed deadline. An application must be submitted simultaneously to NAFOSTED in order to be admissible.

Scholarship Application Deadline:April 1, 2011

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