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PhD Position – Thermal Effects in 3D Integrated Circuits, France

The fellowship will be grated throughout the duration of the work, which will take place in a highly dynamic and international field in Grenoble (France).
The high requirements on today’s mobile systems push them beyond the limit of a simple communication tool, and make them reminiscent of a
global assistance terminal that includes entertainment, office and general services. This translates into a continuous increase in terms
of required computational performance. The scaling ability of complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology offers one
possible way to increase the system performance. However, it comes with a high cost in terms of fabrication complexity and power
efficiency. Another alternative that addresses these hurdles consists of vertically staking electronic chips on top of each other using
vertical connections (Fig. 1) called the through-silicon vias (TSV), thus increasing the computational performance, while using the same
system footprint.

Key competences:

– Knowledge in the field of classical thermal physics
– Understanding of solid-state physics and MOS transistors
– Ability to carry out physical modelling and numerical simulations
using a finite element simulator
– Ability to carry out electrical test and characterization and to
develop automated data input and processing tools
– Basic understanding of CMOS circuits and logic systems
– Ability to design basic logic circuits or ability to develop this competence
– Required team work within the frame of numerous collaborations with the involved teams
– Excellent time management skills
– Creativity, self-motivation, personal engagement
– Very good academic grade

Scholarship Application Deadline: Contact Employer,

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The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation Scholarship Programme 2011–2012, Uganda: Agriculture, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Commerce, Engineering, Food Science & Technology, Information Technology, Law, Hotel Management, Pharmacy, Nursing, Architecture, Veterinary Medicine, Actuarial Science, Environmental Studies and Human Medicine.

The Muljibhai Madhvani Foundation is a Charitable Trust which was set up with the primary objective of promoting scientific
and technical education for the betterment of the people of Uganda.
It is in pursuit of this objective that the Board of Trustees of the Foundation set up a Scholarship Committee and instituted a University scholarship programme starting in the 2003/4 academic year. The scholarship programme is aimed at benefiting Ugandans pursuing either undergraduate or post-graduate education at University level in Uganda.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 May 2011
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Joint Call for Proposals in Food Biotechnology Academy of Finland and Indian(DBT)

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and Academy of Finland launch a joint call for proposals, the aim of which is to promote Indo-Finnish cooperation in the field of Food Biotechnology.
The focus is in the development of biotechnical processes in food and nutritional science research, covering all issues where biotechnology is applied. The 3-year projects can cover for example the following topics: food processing and food safety.The successful projects will be funded in India by the DBT and in Finland by the Academy of Finland. The joint projects must meet the criteria of the funding agencies. The research projects are funded for a maximum of three years.

The Finnish and Indian co-applicants will develop one joint research plan that will be sent to both the DBT and the Academy of Finland using the forms of each organisation, respectively. The applications must include a statement on how the proposed collaboration brings added valued for both countries.

The project budget must clearly delineate justified Finnish and Indian costs. The costs of the Finnish partner must be eligible as per the guidelines of the Academy of Finland. Accordingly, the costs of the Indian partner must be eligible as per the guidelines of the DBT. Applicants are reminded to include sufficient budget for travel between Finland and India to ensure successful collaboration.

Scholarship Application Deadline:
27 May 2011

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