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University of Auckland Senior Health Research Scholarships, New Zealand: Medical & health science

The main purpose of the Scholarship is to attract health professionals to return to the University to study full-time for a PhD in a health-related area.
Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria for registration for the degree of PhD as described in the PhD statue and will need to have an appropriate research program-me and provide evidence that it has been accepted by the proposed supervisor and the Head of the Department in which the Research is to be carried out. The University of Auckland Senior Health Scholarship may not be held concurrently with any other scholarship from The University of Auckland unless the University of Auckland Council so approves. To comply with the full-time study requirement in regulation 2, the amount of additional and paid work a Scholar may undertake either inside or outside the University shall not exceed a total of 500 hours in a calendar year. The University of Auckland Council has power to terminate or suspend a Scholarship, if it receives an unsatisfactory report on the progress of a Scholar from the Head of the host Department or Institute.

Scholarship Application Deadline:1 Nov 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

A G Davis Scholarship in Law University of Auckland, New Zealand

The fund for these Scholarships was established by those who graduated in law while Professor A. G. Davis was Dean of the Law School.
The A G Davis Scholarship contributes to the support of a full-time Law student at The University of Auckland who has shown academic excellence.

  • The scholarships shall be tenable by a student who has shown academic excellence.
  • The scholarship is in Law
    Scholarship Application Deadline:
    31 Oct, 2011Further Scholarship Information and Application