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PhD Researcher in Faculty of Science at Utrecht University, Netherlands: Solid-state NMR: Ultra-high Sensitivity NMR on Protein Machines in a Cellular(-like) State (1,0 fte)

You will be part of a team working on the development and application of high-sensitivity NMR methods for the study of protein complexes in a cellular-like environment. You will employ dedicated and internationally unique NMR instruments that will enhance spectroscopic sensitivity by two orders of magnitude. Your studies will target protein machines that regulate elementary aspects of signal transduction and protein folding in a cellular setting. Using NMR, you will map conformational states of a membrane protein en route to its native folded state or during function in response to changes in the physiochemical environment. These experiments will allow you to obtain a comprehensive map of the conformational landscape of such a biomolecular machine in a native-like environment. Such information is of vital relevance to understand cellular viability and function and offers unprecedented structural insight at the interface of structural and cellular biology.

The successful candidate should have a Master’s or equivalent degree in chemistry, physics, or biology with a general interest in biophysics and spectroscopy. Experience in NMR or a related spectroscopic method is desirable.

Scholarship Application Deadline: April 15, 2011

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2011 PhD Position in Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University, Netherlands

Agency, Gender, and Economic Development in the World Economy 1850-2000 is a project that endeavors’ to explore how ‘agency’, conceptualized as the potential for individual decision-making at the levels of households, economic activity and political participation, contributed to global economic development and vice versa. a (research) master’s degree in economic and social history, or in economics or another social science with shown interest in (economic and social) history a theoretical background and a strong interest for relevant theory; an outstanding record of undergraduate and master’s degree work; the ability to work with large data sets.

We offer a PhD position (1,0 fte) with a one year contract beginning June 2011. After a positive evaluation this contract can be extended to a maximum of three more years (a total of four years maximum). This provides graduates with an opportunity to finish their doctoral dissertation in four years, funded by NWO. Salary will be rising from € 2.042,- a month (before taxes) during the first year to € 2.612,- a month during the fourth year on a fulltime basis. We also offer solid benefits.

Scholarship Application Deadline: April 1.

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2011 PhD Researcher in Faculty of Geosciences at Utrecht University, Netherlands

The Faculty of Geosciences offers education and research concerning the geosphere, biosphere, atmosphere and anthroposphere. With a population of 2600 students (BSc and MSc) and 575 staff, the faculty is a strong and challenging organisation. The Faculty is organised in four Departments: Innovation and Environmental Sciences, Earth Sciences, Physical Geography, and Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning.

The ideal candidate holds a MSc (or equivalent) degree in a relevant field (e.g. earth sciences, environmental sciences, ecology) with experience (or at least interest) in modelling and/or (organic) geochemistry. The candidate is expected to communicate easily in English, both verbally and in writing.We offer a fulltime PhD position for 4 years. The salary starts at € 2,042,- and increases to € 2,612,- gross per month in the fourth year of the appointment and is based on the Collective Labour Agreement of the Dutch Universities. Secondary benefits include e.g. a pension scheme, flexible employment conditions, a holiday bonus (8,0%) and an end-of-year bonus (8,3%). Experimental work will be conducted in the research group of Organic Geochemistry and modeling work in the research group of Environmental Sciences.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 1 April 2011

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