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Hydro Fellowship Programme 2011, USA: Hydroelectric technology, including efficiency improvements and environmental mitigation.

The Hydro Research Foundation is pleased to solicit applications for the Hydro Research Foundation Fellowship Program.  The Program is funded by a grant from the Department of Energy. These Fellowships are designed to allow outstanding early-career researchers to facilitate research related to hydropower.  Research undertaken by the Foundation and its Fellows seeks to advance knowledge about hydroelectric technology, including efficiency improvements and environmental mitigation.  Through this program the Foundation is promoting educational opportunities and information development related to hydropower.  Innovation, creativity and forward-thinking research are encouraged. The Foundation envisions that the selected researchers will eventually assume leadership roles in the hydroelectric field.  Fellows are selected based on research vision, innovation, academic performance, potential for leadership and overall strength of their research proposal.Hydro Research Foundation Fellows will be awarded two years of support for applied research in the field of hydropower.  Fellowship applicants must have completed a bachelors degree by the date of the Fellowship award and be a full time Masters or Doctoral Student. Each Fellow will be monitored by an academic sponsor who will encourage the continual development of the Fellow. The Hydro Research Foundation will provide opportunities and benefits to outstanding early career graduate and doctoral students. Awards under the Hydro Fellowship Program for 2011 will focus on topics directly related to the
Eligibility: Eligible applicant must have completed at a minimum a bachelor’s degree by the start date of the fellowship.
Applicant must be a full-time student at a U.S. university in a Masters or Doctoral level program to received funding.
The expectation is that the applicant must be a full-time student who will able to complete their Masters degree in two years or their Doctorate Degree preferably in two years, but not more than three years.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 1 March 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust International Scholarships 2011 in UK

For over a century the University of Birmingham has been recognised as one of the world’s leading universities for the quality of our teaching and research.
We attract students of the highest calibre from around the world and have been welcoming international students to the University for over 100 years.
Applicants should have an excellent academic background obtaining a good 2:1 equivalent bachelors degree as a minimum.
Applicants should also demonstrate excellence in an area of their life. This might be outstanding academic achievement, exceptional achievement in extra curricular activities (such as sport, music, managing events or societies) or significant achievement gained either in their working life or through volunteering and service to others.
Applicants must also outline the contribution they will make to the University of Birmingham as a student and what they expect to gain from studying here.There will be up to four scholarships each worth £10,000 towards the cost of tuition fees. These awards are available to students who are both nationals of and domiciled within a country in Africa.
Eligibility :
In order to be eligible for consideration, candidates must;
be overseas for fee purposes
be both a national of and domiciled within a country in Africa.
have applied for a one year full time masters course and have been issued with a student id number
Any application received without an id number will not be considered
must not be in receipt of a full fee scholarship from any other source
Have made adequate financial provision to study in the UK.

Scholarship Application Deadline: May 27th 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

The Riccarton Rotary Youth Trust

Job Description: The Riccarton Rotary Youth Trust was established by the Rotary Club of Riccarton as the result of a significant grant from a Riccarton resident, Mr Brian Moore. The Trust provides grants through its Grants Committee to approved applicants, currently totalling around $85,000 annually.

The purpose of the scholarship is to attract students who face significant financial and/or personal challenges which might otherwise prevent them from considering entry to tertiary education.

It is aimed at students who would undertake a full-time study programme at the University of Canterbury, Lincoln University or the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology.

While preference will be given to students who have been educated within the Ric carton area, applications are open to those from the Canterbury region. Applicants may be school leavers or may have been on a gap year.
Application Deadline 1October2010

For further information

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