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2011 NISIS PhD Positions in Leiden University in Netherlands

NISIS ( Netherlands Interuniversity School for Islamic Studies) is a national research institute for the study of Islam and Muslim societies, in which eight Dutch universities participate. Leiden University is currently administratively responsible for NISIS.In the coming six years (2010-2015) NISIS has made available special funds to build an integrated interdisciplinary thematic profile area which focuses on lslam and Muslim societies. One of the main aims is to integrate and mobilize the knowledge and expertise in the field. Within this profile area nine Ph.D. positions are available. In 2010 five of these positions have been fulfilled. Application is now open for the last four positions. The PhD. candidates will be appointed at the participating university with which the supervisor is affiliated.
•Candidates should hold a MA degree or equivalent. Preference will be given to candidates with a MA in the Humanities, Social sciences or Religious Studies with a specialisation in the field of Islam and Muslim societies.
•Outstanding research qualities manifest in a high-quality MA thesis or equivalent.
•Excellent command of English
Applicants, with an MA degree in a relevant field and proficiency in English, are asked to submit a concrete interdisciplinary research plan.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 14 March 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Seventeenth(17th) Foreigner’s Fellowships Programme, Greece: Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts

The Foundation announces the seventeenth (17th) annual Programme of research grants and educational scholarships starting on October 1st, 2011 which is addressed to non Greeks, full Members of National Academies, University Professors of all levels (Ph.D. holders), postdoctoral researchers (Ph.D. holders), artists, elementary and secondary school teachers of the Greek language as a foreign one, post-graduate students and Ph.D candidates.
Fields/Sections of Research or Study
The Programme covers the following fields only:
– Humanities: Philology, Literature, Linguistics, , History, Archaeology, Philosophy, Educational
Studies, Psychology
-Social Science: Sociology, International Relations
-Arts: Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theatre, Photography, Film Studies, Media in the arts.

Fellowship Application Deadline: 31 January 2011
Further Fellowship Information and Application