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Doctorate Positions in Fluid Mechanics with Focus on Hydropower, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

The project is essentially experimental and related to pressure measurement technique.The project aims firstly to investigate rotor-stator interaction in axial machines of Kaplan type. Detailed unsteady pressure measurements will be performed on a Kaplan model at Vattenfall Research and Development, Älvkarleby, Sweden. Fluid conditions at and outside the energy efficient operation point are of interest.The second part of the project aims to develop flow measurements technique for low head machines. Pressure time or/and hybrid ultrasound/Winter-Kennedy method(s) may be used. Experiments will be supported by numerical investigations.The project implies close collaboration with Chalmers, Andritz and Vattenfall in Sweden but also the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway and University of Tehran, Iran.
Qualifications :Applicants should have an MSc/ degree within mechanical engineering or applied physics or equivalent. Previous experience in computational and/or experimental fluid mechanics is a merit.

Since male students are traditionally more numerous in this field of studies, female candidates are especially encouraged to apply. The position requires skills in written and spoken English but knowledge about French and/or Swedish is a merit, since our industrial and academic partners are from France, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, and Norway.The division of Fluid Mechanics:We provide an exiting and simulating environment of acknowledged experts, fellow PhD students and state of the art equipment within experimental and numerical fluid mechanics. Great effort is also spent on the working environment and gender issues. Strong international exchange and cooperation is encouraged.

Scholarship Application Deadline:1 May, 2011

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PhD Position in Theoretical Chemistry, Aarhus University, Denmark

At this time (2011) there is a concrete opening for a phd position in the context of a Marie-Curie network associated with COMI (Center for Oxygen Microscopy and Imaging). The general problem to be addressed is development and application of theoretical/computational methods aimed at describing two-photon absorption.

Successful candidates are expected to have a strong background in Chemistry, Physics, Nano-science or similar, and have the ability and willingness to work with theory meaning both the basic equations, their realization in modern theories for electronic or nuclear degrees of freedom, programming and scientific computation.

It is important that the applicant can verify qualifications with respect to handling mathematical theories. Experience with running standard programs is partially assumed and definitely positive, but, however competent, is not enough.

Keywords, some of which should be strong points for the candidate includes: Theory, programming, Quantum Mechanics, ab initio electronic structure theory, vibrational structure theory, solvent effects, excited electronic states, photochemistry, QM/MM or fragmentation methods, coupled cluster theory, molecular quantum dynamics, C++, Scientific Computing, time-dependent quantum mechanics, response theory and molecular properties, anharmonic vibrational states, one- and two-photon absorption, photo-sensitizers.

Scholarship Application Deadline:before March 25 2011.

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ISOPE Scholarship for Outstanding International Students: Offshore Mechanics, Ocean, Arctic, and Related Engineering fields

The International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE) encourages students to study and/or to conduct research in any of Offshore Mechanics, Ocean, Arctic, and Related Engineering fields, or to participate in the annual ISOPE Conferences. For this purpose, ISOPE grants scholarships of $1,000 each to outstanding graduate students and entering new graduate students for the academic year 2011?2012. Three to five scholarships were granted each year. The recipients are encouraged to join the ISOPE student
Each scholarship offered is a competitive one. Sex, race, age, religion, nationality, etc. are not factors for consideration. The awardees are selected by the ISOPE Award Committee vote. The committee members are balanced in geopolitical distribution. No more than one scholarship shall be awarded in the same year to the applicants from one university.

Scholarship Application Deadline: April 15, 2011

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