phd in economics | Scholarship for Nigerians and Africans - Part 2

Postdoctoral Fellow: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics, Srilanka

If you have earned a PhD in Economics, Agricultural Economics or Natural Resource Economics, and you wish to conduct research that will enhance livelihoods and improve resource management in developing countries, you could be the person we are looking for. We seek a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow to study the farm-level and regional economics of water use in agriculture, with the goal of contributing to policy discussions in national
and international forums. Your work with IWMI will involve such topics as water pricing and allocation, economic incentives, water rights, governance structures, and the potential risks and rewards to farm-level investments in irrigation. You will be involved in the study of the economics of groundwater use, both spatially and over time, and analyze policy options for improving groundwater management. You will also contribute to our understanding of the
risks and rewards to investments in rainfed agriculture in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, where IWMI conducts most of its research. We will ask you also to assist in developing and applying hydro-economic models to examine questions involving regional and international water resource issues.
Many of the studies you conduct will contribute directly to policy discussions involving the best ways to increase agricultural productivity, improve farm incomes and enhance food security in water-scarce regions. While reporting to IWMI’s Principal Economist, you will have the unique opportunity to work closely with many notable social and physical scientists at our headquarters in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and our regional offices across Asia and Africa. If this opportunity appeals to your sense of intellectual adventure, please read on, to learn additional details regarding your duties and qualifications.
You will:
• conduct research consistent with IWMI’s mission and priorities, in collaboration with other IWMI researchers;
• conceive research projects that involve IWMI colleagues and our scholarly partners in national research centers;
• prepare research proposals, in cooperation with colleagues, for funding to support IWMI’s economics program;
• publish results in international scientific journals and other outlets, while enhancing the uptake of results by targeted groups;
• demonstrate the potential contribution of improved water management in irrigated and rainfed settings to economic growth, poverty reduction and food security;
• describe financial and economic aspects of proposed investments in irrigation, and investments in agriculture in rainfed areas;
• design and apply hydro-economic models in the study of economic issues in regional, national and international settings;
• contribute to policy discussions regarding economic incentives, regulatory proposals, and investments that influence farm-level and regional agricultural productivity; and
• enhance understanding of complementary investments required on farms and across the value-chain to ensure that farm households can increase their output and enhance food security in sustainable ways, in both irrigated and rainfed settings.

Fellowship Application Deadline: 24 January 2011

Further Fellowship Information and Application

Research Position in Ghana:Economics of Human Waste in Agriculture

If you have recently completed your PhD in Economics or Sanitation and have a sound understanding of both, then this could be just the assignment for you. Based at IWMI”s West Africa Office in Accra, Ghana, you will analyze business opportunities for enterprise development related to resource recovery from human waste, be it in agriculture or other sectors, and then form policy recommendations to enhance livelihoods in the rural/urban interface.
You will:
• provide economic and institutional analysis for projects that explore, for example:
o sustainability indicators of low-cost wastewater treatment options across Africa
o Agricultural reuse-oriented approaches into the sanitation sector to recover nutrients, water and energy from waste streams whilst
improving environmental sanitation in Ghana
o Role of small and micro-enterprises that specialize in waste reuse in Ghana, Vietnam and Uganda
o How to enhance the success of private ventures in solid and liquid waste collection and reuse
• study national agricultural and sanitation policies and regulations examining relevant economic, organizational, institutional and financial issues to inform policymakers through the development and application of economic decision tools/models for recovery of nutrients, organic matter, energy and water from waste streams
• liaise with public officials on the awareness and implementation of public policies
• contribute to ideas on linking agriculture and sanitation to enhance food security and business opportunities in West Africa through the reuse of waste resources, emphasizing cost recovery along the sanitation chain
• prepare scientific reports and articles for peer-reviewed journals
You must possess:
• a recent PhD in agricultural or natural resources, economics or environmental or civil engineering
• a good understanding of agriculture, microeconomics and enterprise development

Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 January 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Grants for Researchers in Economics or Finance at Italian Universities, Italy

Uni Credit and Universities Foundation has launched the first edition of the Post-Doc Research Grant competition, whose main aim is to support the academic research in Italy as well as to reinforce the cooperation among universities. In its 1^ edition, the UniCredit &Universities Post-Doc Research Grant would be awarded to 3 young researchers, assistant professors or research assistants (or equivalent positions) at Italian Universities. Each grant would be worth EUR 10,000 gross per year. Grants would be awarded for a maximum duration of two years.

To be eligible, applicants must:

1. be born after 1974 at the time of applying (while for women the birth date can be increased by one year per maternity)
2. have a PhD in economics or finance
3. be assistant professor or research assistant, or employed with an equivalent position at any accredited Italian university (while nationality is not relevant as eligibility requirement)
4. present a Research Project not yet financed with funds generating income increase

In addition, the topic of research must be in the fields of economics or finance. Applications must be received by 31 October 2010, with grants commencing from January 2011. Candidates may only apply online, using the application form available on this website.

The selection process will be conducted by the Scientific Committee of the Foundation. Winners will be announced by mid December 2010.

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