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2011 Ustinov College Scholarships, UK

The Ustinov College Accommodation Awards were established in 1994. The awards have three key objectives:

  • to contribute to the development of Ustinov College as a centre of excellence in postgraduate student life;
  • to attract outstanding students to Ustinov College who might not otherwise be able to afford to come to Durham.
  • to support University strategy in relation to attracting high quality postgraduate students to Durham;
  • Ustinov College awards up to 8 accommodation scholarships per academic year.  The awards are to offset the cost or part of the cost of college accommodation for a single student for up to one year of study.  The value of the award is up to a maximum of £5023 (2010-2011).  Applications for Ustinov College Scholarships (Accommodation) for the academic year 2011-2012 will open in April 2011, deadline for applications will be mid-July.

  • Are you enthusiastic about Ustinov and committed to improving the college experience for Ustinov members?
  • Do you have experience of organising and running activities of interest to a postgraduate community?
  • Do you have team working skills, and potential to lead a team of equals?
  • Are you able to enthuse others and encourage them to participate?
  • Do you have a strong academic record?
  • Then the Ustinov Awards Committee wants to hear from you. A small number of positions are available each year to work with the College Officers to continue Ustinov’s development as a centre for excellence in providing an unparalleled postgraduate experience. In addition to generous discounts towards college residence charge, benefits include skills development and a much stronger CV.

    Scholarship Application Deadline: mid-July 2011

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