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Margdarshi Fellowships for Researchers in India: Biomedical Research

This scheme is for scientific leaders who already head a research laboratory, and wish to relocate from their current institution (in India or overseas) to a non-profit research Institute in India.
The Fellowship is for five years, and provides:

* Generous personal support for the Fellow
* Salary support for research personnel, which may include Assistant Professors
* Equipment and consumables
* Funds for travel to attend scientific meetings, collaborative travel and to organize meetings.
* Overheads for the host Institution

Detailed budgets are not required at the time of application. However, if short-listed for interview, the India Alliance will seek a detailed justified budget both from the applicant and the sponsor.


The underlying philosophy in launching this fellowship is to facilitate global standards of scientific excellence in non-profit research institutes across India. Therefore, it is mandatory for interested applicants to relocate with a vision to lead a vibrant group of young scientists and collaborators.

Applicants should have demonstrated strong scientific leadership as independent investigators. In addition to significant contributions in research, applicants should have mentored young scientists and students, attracted extra mural funds from peer-reviewed competitive sources, established collaborations, successfully initiated programmes of advanced scientific research and importantly, maintained high ethical standards. Applicants would have to detail the reasons for leaving their current institution and how the proposed relocation will augment their scientific activities.

There is no age-limit to apply for this Fellowship. Applicants would normally be expected to be running an independent laboratory for 10 years or more. As an exception, for the first round of this competition, applicants who have already relocated, but after May 2010 will be eligible to apply.


It is mandatory to have an eligible sponsoring host institution in India and an eligible Sponsor from this institution, at the time of applying.

The Sponsor is expected to hold a senior administrative position (for e.g., Directors/ HoD) at the host Institution and would have to fill a separate form. The form aims to understand how the applicant’s research interests and scientific leadership will enhance the research programme at the host institute as well as the type of support and commitment the host Institution is willing to make if the Fellowship were to be awarded.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 1 May 2011

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