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Fully Funded PhD Fellowship in the Department of Literary Studies in K U Leuven, Netherlands

We offer an employment as full-time research assistant starting on 2011, October 1st for 1 year. (renewable till 4 years) Interested in the department of literary studies the focus of the Research Unit: Text and Interpretation lies on the rhetorical, narrative and poetic strategies in literary texts , that are looked at from a theroretically reflected point of view and analysed within a discursive context.

A four-year fully funded PhD-fellowship as part of the FWO Research project in cooperation with the members of the Research Unit: Text and Interpretation, the Department of Literature in Leuven and researchers from the Institute of Jewish Studies in Antwerp: ‘As German as Kafka’. A Comparative Analysis of the Articulation of National Identity in German-Jewish Literature in the early 20th Century and German Literature of Migration in the early 21st Century.
• The main task of this fellowship lies in conducting research that will result in the writing of a doctoral disseration.
• Occasional participation in organisation of research activities within the context of the project or within the Department of literature.
• MA in Literary studies or a comparable degree; major in German
• Excellent study results and writing skills
• Interest and enthusiam for research in literature, literary theory and history
• Independent spirit and sense of responsibility
• Proficiency in English and German
Your opportunities ,Your profile, Candidates who wish to apply are invited to send us
-a letter motivating their application, describing their current research interests and their relation to the research project
-a detailed CV
-the names of two referees we can contact
-a copy of their diploma

Scholarship Application Deadline:20-3-2011

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