The Howard Crew Green Cheese Scholarships in Humourous Creative Writing in 2011 US | Scholarship for Nigerians and Africans

The Howard Crew Green Cheese Scholarships in Humourous Creative Writing in 2011 US

Introduced in honour of Howard Crew, General Secretary of BUNAC for 25 years, the Green Cheese Awards
consist of the Green Cheese Scholarships and the Green Cheese Prizes and are awarded on a competitive
basis. The unique nature of the awards reflects the personality and sense of humour of Howard Crew.

The Green Cheese Scholarships are intended to assist students and other eligible young people wishing to
take part in a BUNAC work exchange programme to North America. Three scholarships of up to £1000 each
are awarded annually. The amounts awarded to the winners will be credited towards the cost of participation
on one of BUNAC’s programmes. (NB.The value of the scholarships cannot be taken in cash or credited to any
other use.)

Applicants for the scholarships must:

• complete and submit this Green Cheese Scholarship Application Form;
• submit a piece of original writing on a travel related topic with an element of humour, and
• provide a letter of support (testimonial) for your application from a university lecturer,
teacher or employer.
Please note that you may only submit one entry and previous Green Cheese Scholarship or Prize winners may
not re-enter. The judging panel will base their decisions on the overall quality of presentation, the ability to
convey humour and the originality of the entry. Submissions which have previously been published elsewhere
will not be accepted.

Entries should be typed and of no more than 1500 words in length.

Application Deadline:11th February, 2011.

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