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Call for Applications:PhD Fellowship at IMPRS for Molecular Biomedicine, Münster

3-year PhD projects range from studying molecular mechanisms of basic cellular processes to the analysis of the molecular basis of inflammatory and vascular diseases.
We offer outstanding research in high-profile laboratories as well as excellent scientific and “soft-skill” training aimed to strengthen the PhD students’ competences for their future careers. Students will receive a tax-free fellowship of 1365-1400 € per month.

IMPRS-MBM and CEDAD are open for highly qualified and motivated students of any nationality. We also encourage students who have obtained a Master’s degree at Münster University to apply for a IMPRS-MBM / CEDAD fellowship.

The next term will commence in October.

We are looking forward to your application for a PhD fellowship in Münster, “the world’s most liveable city” (LivCom Award 2004).

Scholarship Application Deadline
:13 May2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application