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Postdoctoral Researcher in Climate Science and Eco-hydrology, VU University, Netherlands

The Amsterdam Global Change Institute (AGCI) is a new institute at VU University Amsterdam which aims to encourage excellence and innovation in interdisciplinary research on the environment,
global change and sustainability . It brings together five existing institutes and departments across the three Faculties of Earth and Life Sciences, Economics and Social Sciences at the university. Six new post-doctoral positions are being created in the first phase of the institute to develop novel and promising lines of research. Postdocs will work together in interdisciplinary collaboration with senior scientists and scholars from across the AGCI.

The successful candidate will have a PhD in ecology, environmental or earth sciences with a background in research on biogeochemical processes and functional relations in ecosystems. Ideally, the candidate would combine knowledge on plant physiology with either earth sciences or ecology. In addition to a strong conceptual understanding, experience with the statistical analysis of large databases as commonly collected in relevant fields of research is essential. The specific research project to be conducted will depend on the interests and expertise of the successful applicant. However, the focus will be on linking plants traits to flux or hydrology data for application in global models.

Scholarship Application Deadline:
1st June 2011

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Two-Year Postdoctoral Scientist Position on the Link between Climate Prediction and Renewable Energy in the Mediterranean Region at the Climate Forecasting Unit (CFU)-IC3

IC3 is a climate research institute created in 2008 by the Government of Catalunya. IC3′s main scientific goal is to assess and understand climate variability and change at both global and regional scales to improve both predictions and projections. Linked to this goal, IC3 works on understanding and simulating how global change modulates variability and change in society and ecosystems. IC3′s mandate is to become a leading international centre for climate research in Europe, with a regional focus on the Mediterranean area. IC3 will mainly develop top-quality research on basic and applied climate sciences, while informing society and stakeholders on future climate risks. Working languages of IC3 are English, Catalan and Spanish.

There is growing interest in the implications of climate variability and change from a season to a few decades ahead. Reliable climate information is critical to ensure that adaptation measures to climate variability and change are well justified and efficient. The Climate Forecasting Unit (CFU), which is led by the ICREA Research Professor F. J.
Doblas-Reyes, undertakes research on the development and assessment of dynamical and statistical methods for the prediction of global climate on time scales ranging from months to decades. More information about the activities of the unit is available from the following links:
Fellowship Application Deadline: Until Filled
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Climate Science Research Partnership for Resident Nationals of an African Country

The Call for Applications is extended to climate researchers and applied climate scientists/practitioners working in the field of African climate variability and change. Applicants must be resident nationals of an African country.

Three types of Fellowships are available:

* Postgraduate Research Fellowships (maximum 12 months duration)
* Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships (maximum 12 months duration)
* Applications Project Fellowships (maximum 6 months duration)

Through the CSRP Fellowships, successful applicants will have the opportunity to use CSRP research outputs (e.g. output from Hadley Centre climate and seasonal prediction models) to further their own research or applications project, interact with MOHC scientists and contribute to the overall CSRP research objectives.

Successful applicants will be funded to make an induction visit to the Met Office Hadley Centre, of up to 4 weeks duration, to learn about the CSRP objectives, retrieve data for the research/project and to help consolidation of their research/project plans.

Scholarship Application Deadline:
04 February 2011

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