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Fulbright-Nehru Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, USA

The Postdoctoral Research Fellowships will provide opportunities to talented scholars and professionals to strengthen their research capacities; have access to some of the finest resources in their areas of interest; and help build long-term collaborative relationships with U.S. faculty and institutions.

Applications from all disciplines will be considered. Priority fields are: Agricultural Sciences; Economics; Education; Energy, Sustainable Development and Climate Change; Environment; International Relations; Management and Leadership Development; Media and Communications with focus on Public Service Broadcasting; Public Administration; Public Health; Science and Technology; Study of India with focus on contemporary issues; and Study of the United States. For Study of India or the Study of the United States (American Studies) the areas could include: language and literature, history, government, economics, society and culture, religion, and film studies.

Grant Benefits
These fellowships provide round-trip economy class air travel from India to the U.S., a monthly stipend, Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges per U.S. Government guidelines, a modest settling-in allowance, and a professional allowance.

Eligibility Requirements
In addition to the General Prerequisites:

*scholars and professionals should have a Ph.D. degree from an Indian institution within the past four years. Applicants must have obtained their Ph.D. degrees between July 2007 and July 2011;
*candidates must be published in reputed journals and demonstrate evidence of superior academic and professional achievement;
*should enclose a recent significant publication (copy of paper/article);
*if employed, applications should be routed through proper channel; and
* preferably be 45 years of age or under

Scholarship Application Deadline:July 15, 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application