Germany | Scholarship for Nigerians and Africans - Part 2

Go8 – Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme: Education, Science, Culture and Research

The scheme is a joint initiative by the Group of Eight (Go8) Universities and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) – Germany’s national agency for the support of international academic co-operation.The scheme supports exchanges for Go8 researchers to spend time at partner institutions in Germany and for collaborating German researchers to spend time at Go8 universities.

The scheme has two main objectives:
To foster research collaboration of the highest quality between Australian researchers from Go8 universities and German researchers.To result in research outcomes and the exchange of skills and knowledge of mutual benefit to Australia and Germany.

Scholarship Application Deadline:30 June 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Experts Scholarships 2011-2012, Germany

In accordance with the EMA2 call, the objective of the EXPERTS project is to facilitate collaborations between Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) from South and Southeast Asia (SSEA) and EU through the exchange of information in science and policy issues while sharing key issues of sustainable development in academic cooperation.

The project provides the following mobility scholarships from South and South-East Asia to European partner universities (Please note- there are no scholarships from EU to SSEA)-

* Undergraduate and graduate students
* PhD students
* PostDocs
* Staff (both academic and administrative staff)

Scholarship Application Deadline: 15.01.2011
Further Scholarship Information and Application

Finnish Government Scholarship 2011-2012, Finland

The Finnish Government offers scholarships of 3-9 months for Doctoral level studies, research and teaching at a higher education institution in Finland. The Finnish Government Scholarship Pool programme is open to young researchers from all academic fields. The scholarships can not be applied for post-Doctoral studies or research.

The scholarships are based mainly on cultural agreements or similar arrangements between Finland and the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine.

To be eligible, the applicant must:

* intend to pursue post-Master’s level studies as a visiting student, participate in a research project or teach at a higher education institution or public research institute in Finland; priority will be given to doctoral studies
* have established contact with the Finnish receiving institution before applying
* have a letter of invitation from the academic supervisor in Finland; the invitation should also include a timetable
* have earned a Master’s-level degree before applying
* not have spent already more than one year at a Finnish higher education institution immediately before the intended scholarship period in Finland
* be able to give proof of sufficient skills in speaking and writing the language needed in study/research
* be a national of one of the eligible countries listed above.
Scholarship Application Deadline:
28 February2011
Further scholarship information and Application