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MS and PhD Scholarship in International HROD at NIDA 2011 in Thailand

Human Resource Development has played a vital role in building a strong national foundation and strengthening national capacity. It has become a key success factor in maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage as well as adding more value and quality to social capital which becomes indispensible in the time of uncertainty and economic recession. In order for Thailand to adapt to changes effectively, a well-designed PhD. program in HROD that can generate knowledgeable scholars is necessary.

The Doctor of Philosophy program in Human Resource and Organization Development (HROD) is designed for experienced practitioners and researchers who wish to refine and broaden their knowledge in the area of human resources and organization development through the emphasis on a solid education grounded in both theories and practices from micro and macro perspectives of private, public, and international organizations.

Scholarship Application Deadline:22 April,2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

TBA Masters Scholarship for African Nationals, Kenya: Tropical Biology

Funded through a consortium of TBA funders, The TBA Postgraduate Scholarships are annually offered by the Tropical Biology Association to its African alumni. They are intended to help African alumni undertake postgraduate studies after they have attended TBA courses, as part of the TBA alumni follow up support programme designed to promote human resource development and strengthen professional expertise among African biologists in biodiversity conservation and research.

You can download the postgraduate application form as a Word or PDF file (you will need Adobe Acrobat to read this).

You can also download the guidelines for applications in PDF format.
Scholarship includes:

* Funding granted for up to two years of study leading to the award of a Masters degree.
* Depending on the proposed study programme, the scholarship will include tuition fees, travel costs, study materials, and a modest living allowance.

* Applicants must be nationals from Africa who have attended a TBA course.
* Priority will be given to those who attended courses since 2001.

Applicants must pursue a postgraduate degree that will directly enhance their research and conservation skills as is relevant to their own country.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 30 April 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application