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ACU Titular Fellowships – 2011: agriculture, forestry and food sciences, biotechnology, development strategies, earth and marine sciences, engineering, health and related social sciences, information technology, management for change, professional education and training, social and cultural development

The ACU Titular Fellowships provide opportunities for staff from member universities and employees working in industry, commerce or public service in a Commonwealth country to spend periods of time in other member universities or relevant institutions outside their own country.

Applications must be approved by the executive head (vice-chancellor, president or rector) of a university in ACU membership, or the head of the candidate’s firm/company. The ACU will also consider applications approved by the chief executive officer of a Commonwealth inter-university organisation.

Applications must include all relevant signatures and be converted to (and submitted in) PDF format. We will accept scanned copies of the relevant signature pages.

Scholarship Application Deadline:1July 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Achievement and Foundation Scholarship in Swiss German University, Indonesia: Information Technology, Accounting, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering

The scholarships are offered for 4 study programs: Information Technology, Accounting, Pharmaceutical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.
1.Fulfillment of all registration requirements.
2.Must obtain TOEFL/IELTS minimum 500/5.5.
3.Result of the high school report of class 10 and 11 should be above high school average.
4.Pass the SGU Assesment Interview.
5.For following semesters, the scholarship will be based upon the academic achievement (min. GPA 3,5) and active participation in student organizations.
6.Certified photocopy of High School official certificate (IJAZAH SMA/SMK/MA), legalized by the Principal (once it is published).
7.Certified photocopy of High School official transcript (SKHUN of SMA/SMK/MA), legalized by the Principal (once it is published).
8.Poverty statement from Local Authority/Kelurahan must be submitted (Foundation Scholarships).
9.Valid only for Indonesian nationals (Foundation Scholarships).
Scholarships based on the best academic semester result are offered in semester 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 for students for each class. The selection of scholarship holders will be made by the Examination Steering Committee by considering academic achievement and active participation in student organization.

Scholarship Application Deadline:
29 April 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

2012 Canada-CARICOM Leadership Scholarships Program in Canada: Good governance, prosperity, rule of law, democratic development, pure and applied sciences (such as environmental science and information technology), economic and trade policy issues, teaching and commerce

Scholarships are for student and research exchanges at the college, undergraduate and graduate levels.Canadian institutions will receive cheques for the full amount of the scholarships stated in the signed agreements between their institution and CBIE. Canadian institutions will provide the amount to the recipient on a monthly basis or by lump sum. Canadian institutions can take up to $300 dollars to cover administration fees once the recipient arrives to Canada. Funds must be returned completely to CBIE if the recipient does not take up his/her scholarship. The scholarship amount must cover:
•Visa expenses
•Economy, round-trip airfare
•Monthly living allowance
•Required books, supplies, and equipment – not computers
Once the above expenses are covered the remaining amount should be provided to the recipient to cover any additional costs such as: ground transportation to the airport, recipient services fees, telecommunications (long distance) for research purposes and any other related costs.
•Financial reporting is NOT required from the institution or the recipient.
•Tuition is NOT an allowable expense; as recipient are registered full time and paying tuition to their home institution
•Scholarships are not renewable
•Scholarships are not taxable for either the institution or the recipient

The Canada–CARICOM Leadership Scholarships Program was announced in 2007 by Prime Minister Harper during a visit to the Caribbean. The program serves to enhance the skill sets required to advance the development and sustainability of CARICOM and seeks to strengthen institutional linkages between Canadian universities and colleges and those in the region.

Scholarship Application Deadline:April 29, 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application