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Call for Proposals-Bilateral Research Cooperation with Vietnam (NAFOSTED) 2011, Netherlands

The FWO is very keen to promote international collaborations as a driving force for excellence. As part of the funding for bilateral research collaborations, the FWO concludes a bilateral agreement with a number of countries for the funding of joint research projects. These projects go one step further than the traditional exchange projects, because personnel can also be financed. One of the five countries selected is Vietnam. An agreement has been signed with the research fund NAFOSTED (National Foundation for Science and Technology) for the funding of new research projects.

Researchers can submit an application for a joint research project with a duration of 2 years. On Flemish side, the indicative budget per project and per year is about 70.000 EURO, which corresponds to the average size of a normal FWO research project. There is a total amount of 300.000 EURO available per year – the number of fundable projects is therefore about 4. NAFOSTED (Vietnam) has 350.000 EURO a year at its disposal for this collaboration, and aims at projects with an average size of 75.000 EURO.The exact dates for each call are decided on in consultation with the foreign partner and may vary. The forms are available online and should be sent by e-mail before the proposed deadline. An application must be submitted simultaneously to NAFOSTED in order to be admissible.

Scholarship Application Deadline:April 1, 2011

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PhD stipend in DNA Repair Factories, Denmark

The Section for Functional Genomics, University of Copenhagen is recruiting one PhD student for a 3 year project to work on DNA repair factories and genome integrity in the research group of Michael Lisby. The Functional Genomics section employs around 45 researchers, and has much international collaboration with high-profile groups. The group is housed in the newly built Biocenter in central Copenhagen, DenmarK.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 11 January 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application