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Doctoral Position in Media and Communication studies, Sweden

Research in media and communication studies at Lund University focuses on the sociology of media and culture. We combine quantitative and qualitative research methods with critical social and cultural theory to understand the role of media within broader social, political, and cultural contexts. Our international research includes work on media citizenship and democracy, gender and the media, media scandals, media audiences, popular culture, news, documentary, and reality TV, media health, consumption and advertising, social participation in new media environments, and the sociality and spatiality of media in urban spaces. Our doctoral students work on areas related to social activism, celebrities, media health, and cultural sociology. We run a regular international seminar series, and are developing doctoral courses and forums with other media institutions. We invite applicants with interests in media audiences and popular culture who can make an active contribution to the international profile of the department.

Scholarship Application Deadline: 2011-04-30

Further Scholarship Information and Application