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School of Computing Scholarships for MSc Courses, University of Kent, UK

The School of Computing offers a number of scholarships to MSc students of any nationality. The amount awarded depends on your tuition fee rate:UK and European Union students receive a discount equivalent to the standard full-time tuition fee (worth about £4500)Students from other countries receive a £2000 discount.Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit as evidenced by your application form (including transcripts and references) and the online funding request form (see below).

In previous years most applicants with a First Class Honours degree from the UK (or equivalent) were awarded a scholarship and some candidates with a good Second Class Honours degree (or equivalent) also received funding.Scholarships are normally guaranteed for eligible overseas (non-EU) students with a degree meeting.We reserve the right to decline funding if the result was achieved only after multiple repetitions or if the degree was not awarded by a university with a good reputation.Applicants from other countries will be considered on an individual basis.

Scholarship Application Deadline:Before 31 July2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application