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PhD or Postdoctoral Position in European Metrology Research Programme, Germany: Natural science, engineering science or mathematics

Challenges, e.g. in the fields of climate change, satellite navigation, space research, semiconductor industry, safety and health care, can only be mastered by means of metrology research, as it is an essential element of modern trade and modern communication. Due to this influence, metrology research traditionally has a high priority in many countries. By pooling the competences of the European metrology institutes in a uniform and integrated European metrology research program, socially and economically important tasks of metrology research can be carried out efficiently and across borders. The program opens up approaches to research which could so far not be realised single-handedly by individual institutes.

PTB promotes the professional equality of women and men and is thus especially interested in applications from women.
Within the scope of the official feasibilities, PTB offers flexible part-time work schemes in order to support in particular the compatibility of family and profession.

Scholarship Application Deadline:10 March 2011

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