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PhD Student/Junior Researcher in Cell Biology-Systems Biology, Luxembourg

The objective of the project is to use a modeling-based approach to gain further insights on the mechanistic of pro-inflammatory processes occurring in major diseases. More precisely, the study will focus on the characterization of calcium-dependent oxidative activity in human neutrophils. A computational approach will be used to rationalize data from the Life Science Research Unit into a mathematical model that can predict new functional schemes. This PhD studentship will involve collaboration between Pr. E. Tschirhart at the University of Luxembourg and Dr. G. Dupont at the Unit of Theoretical Chronobiology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. It is expected that the student will share his/her time about equally between Luxembourg and Brussels.

* Perform biological experiments in the area of transductional signalling pathways under the supervision of Pr. E. Tschirhart
* Develop computational models based on experimental findings under the supervision of Dr. G. Dupont
* Write a doctoral thesis in the domain of Cell Biology – System Biology
* Contribute to research in the field of inflammation to obtain a PhD degree in Life Sciences
* Collaborate actively with other group members


* Master in Biology (including computational modeling) with a background in mathematics or physics
* Knowledge in data integration and experience in work lab would be ideal
* Good oral and written English skills


* A modern, well-equipped laboratory in an international dynamic research-oriented environment
* A motivating and interdisciplinary research team

Scholarship Application Deadline: February 1st, 2011
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