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Master’s and PhD Positions in the Intelligent Systems Laboratory at Pukyong National University, Korea

We will have two positions open (for Master and/or Ph.D students) in the Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Department of Chemical Engineering, at Pukyong National University available from September 1st, 2011. The students will be involved in one of my projects – (1) the development of novel chemometric methods based on Near-Infrared/Mid-Infrared spectroscopy regarding biofuel production and (2) Modeling of biofuel production processes,related economic analysis, and process optimization. The scopes of projects are as follows:
(1) Development of soft-sensor for estimation of biomass feedstock compositions Development of monitoring system for biofuel production
Development of statistical quality control methods for biofuel products
(2) Process modeling of biochemical conversion of biomass using process simulatorsTechno-economic analysis of biofuel production
Integration of biofuel production processes using numerical optimization
These projects are supported by Korean governments, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
The successful candidates for both positions will have a strong background in statistics/mathematics and computer programming (C++ and/or MATLAB). In addition,familiarity with commercial/academic software (Simca P, Aspen plus/HYSYS) would be advantage. They also will be fluent in English, have good writing and communication skills, and have reasonable laboratory experience. A master/Ph.D student will receive a monthly stipend plus tuition fee.
Interested applicants should submit a detailed CV, a brief statement of research interests and experience, relevant publications, and letters of recommendation.

Scholarship Applicatin Deadline:Contact Employer

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ACU Titular Fellowships – 2011: agriculture, forestry and food sciences, biotechnology, development strategies, earth and marine sciences, engineering, health and related social sciences, information technology, management for change

agriculture, forestry and food sciences, biotechnology, development strategies, earth and marine sciences, engineering, health and related social sciences, information technology, management for change, professional education and training, social and cultural development and university development and management.
Employer:The Association of Commonwealth Universities
Level:not intended for degree courses, or for immediately postdoctoral programmes
Scholarship Description:The ACU Titular Fellowships provide opportunities for staff from member universities and employees working in industry, commerce or public service in a Commonwealth country to spend periods of time in other member universities or relevant institutions outside their own country.

Applications must be approved by the executive head (vice-chancellor, president or rector) of a university in ACU membership, or the head of the candidate’s firm/company. The ACU will also consider applications approved by the chief executive officer of a Commonwealth inter-university organisation.

Applications must include all relevant signatures and be converted to (and submitted in) PDF format. We will accept scanned copies of the relevant signature pages.

Scholarship Application Deadline:1July 2011

Further Scholarship Information and Application

Doctorate Scholarship for Foriegn Citizens, Slovenia

For classification of study field in the area of education classification KLASIUS-P of Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter referred to as SURS), available at,  shall apply. The following categories of the classification KLASIUS_P fall into fields of natural sciences, technology and medicine:
Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science
Engineering, Production Technologies and Civil Engineering
Agriculture, Forestry, Fischery and Veterinary Science
Transportation Services
Environmental Studies.
Interdisciplinary and other study programmes will be classified based on the publicly available information about the study programme. Distribution of credits, hours and courses, and if necessary also the purpose and scope of study programme, will be taken in consideration for classification of such programme into one of the areas as per KLASIUS-P. If both study fields will be equally represented, the study field more favourable for the candidate will be considered as predominant.
The scholarship is granted for:
– tuition; the highest granted amount of yearly scholarship for tuition for an individual year of study according to this call for applications shall equal 100% of tuition, but not more than 3,000.00 EUR, for individual study year of doctoral studies,
– living expenses; in the total amount of 7.500,00 EUR for each year.
Tuition is considered to be the amount paid annually by an individual to an educational institution for participation in the education programme. Tuition does not comprise any other payments, mandatory or not, made to an educational institution, such as costs of registration, study materials, memberships in organisations or clubs, contributions for the use of laboratory, health or other insurance and other costs.

The value of the call for applications
The total value of the call for applications is 500.000,00 EUR for all years of study of the chosen candidates from the academic year 2010/11 onward for individual doctoral programme. The right to scholarship shall be granted from the study year that starts in calendar year 2010, onward, but no longer that till the end of the study programme, to which the candidate is enrolled. The candidate must enrol and start studying in the study year, in which he is enrolled, in the calendar year 2010.
Conditions of the call for applications
A candidate must meet the following conditions:
– he/she is not a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia, and will not obtain citizenship of the Republic of
Slovenia during the entire duration of the study, for which he/she is applying for scholarship,
– his/her permanent residence is outside the territory of the Republic of Slovenia,
– he/she has not concluded undergraduate study in the Republic of Slovenia,
– he/she has been accepted or has enrolled for doctoral studies in natural sciences, technology or medicine in the academic year 2010/2011,
– the studies referred to in the previous indent shall take place under a publicly valid (accredited) study programme at a publicly valid (accredited) Slovene educational institution,
– he/she will be awarded a publicly valid diploma upon completion of his/her studies,
– he/she will have valid permit for temporary residence in the Republic of Slovenia for the study
programme for which he/she is applying for scholarship,
– he/she shall not come to Slovenia under an academic exchange programme,
– he/she will have the status of student throughout the study period of the scholarship applied for,
– he/she will live in the Republic of Slovenia for the whole period of his/her studies, however
exchanges abroad, if they are part of the study programme are allowed if they are not carried out in the student´s home country,
– the study concerned is not organised in the form of distance learning or mere consultations in the Republic of Slovenia,
– during the study, for which he/she is applying for scholarship, he/she will not be receiving any of the scholarships based upon the Scholarship Act,
– during the study, for which he/she is applying for scholarship, he/she will not be receiving any other scholarship or any other form of education grants under other regulations in Republic of Slovenia,
– during the study, for which he/she is applying for scholarship, he/she will not be employed or self?employed in the Republic of Slovenia or abroad,
– during the study, for which he/she is applying for scholarship, he/she will not be registered as an unemployed person with the Employment Service of Slovenia or with the relevant institution of this type abroad,
– the candidate has not previously concluded a scholarship contract with the Public Fund for the same study programme at a previous call for applications,
– during the study concerned he/she will not have and will not obtain the status of early stage researcher.
The period of collecting applications starts on the day the call for applications is published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia and continues until the expiry of the deadline, i.e. Wednesday 22. September 2010.
An application is submitted in due time if the Public Fund receives it within the time limit for submission of applications. If the application is sent by registered mail, the day of posting is considered to be the day of receipt by the Public Fund.
The application can be submitted personally at the Public Fund’s address, during office hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9.00 to 15.00 o’clock, Wednesday between 9.00 and 16.00 and Friday between 9.00 and 14.00 o’clock.
Applications submitted after the expiry of the application period shall be dismissed.
An application is considered as complete if it is submitted on the requisite application form and contains all the required documents and information, as provided in this public call. Candidates whose applications will be incomplete will be invited to complete the applications. In case a candidate fails to complete the application within the time period determined in the request for
completion, his/her application will be dismissed.

In pursuance of the provisions of paragraph 28, point 26, of the Administrative Fees Act (OG of the RS No. 14/07?UBP3, 126/07), the application is exempt from fee.
Additional information
Additional information can be obtained from the Public Fund’s website www.sklad? under Scholarships and Grants ?> 91th Call for Applications, or at the headquarters or telephone number of the Public Fund, during official hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 12.00 o’clock, and Wednesday also between 14.00 and 16.00 o’clock – contact person: Doris Sattler, tel. +386 (0)1 434?58?92,
e?mail: doris.sattler@sklad?
Javni sklad Republike Slovenije za razvoj kadrov in štipendije
(Slovene Human Resources Development and Scholarship Fund)
Dunajska 22, 1000 Ljubljana
tel.: +386 (0)1 434?10?80,
email:, website: http://www.sklad?
Further Scholarship Information and Application
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